Saturday, April 5, 2014

Handbags, Gladrags and beaooootiful new flooring ...

Well not really.  No handbags to be found at Gladrags today :(

There's a fab second hand shop in Glasgow (not strictly charity, it gives back to the community instead), and right next door is the Glad Cafe, the place with the best coffee I've ever had, and I don't even really like coffee...

So today was the first official day of my two week Easter holiday.  I've never looked forward to a holiday so much in my entire life.  The past couple of weeks at work have been soooo busy and demanding, the only thing that's kept me motivated has been the thought of locking the door on Friday and hiding my bag, phone and work keys in the office as soon as I got home... (that didn't quite happen, but, by Monday I promise...!)

To celebrate we went to Glasgow today.  First stop was Gladrags, where sadly I didn't find anything, but Robbie got a cracking pair of shoes for just a fiver.  And then we went next door for lunch.  No kids, no clock watching, nothing to rush home for, no schedule, nothing planned for the dinner.  Total grown up freedom.  Blisssss.....

And could it have got better?  It did!  On the way home we took a daft notion to pop into a couple of flooring shops to see if we could get anything for the Hall.  Not that it's urgent or anything, we've only been living with a concrete floor since July...  And half an hour later we're driving home with dog pee proof laminate that was over £200 cheaper than the last quote we had.

Best holiday ever.  Now, time for wine and a night of chilling without any work tomorrow!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

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