Sunday, November 9, 2014

Parsnips and Poppies.

When there's only three for dinner, buy a bag of parsnips:

 3p a portion.  Doubt I'll ever be this cheap again so have photographic evidence.

 Boil the living daylights out of them.

 And produce a lovely blended parsnip soup that your hubby loves, you quite like, and your youngest tolerates...

 Then settle down to watch one of your new dvd's.
Grand sum of a quid each from the charity shop.
(I chose the Lake House....  Rubbish!!)

 After feeling so good about your bargain, bugger off to Glasgow the next day...

 Promise eldest a big breakfast and watch her leg it down the stairs in record time for a Sunday...

 Admire the quirky bits no bobs while yer waiting.

 Then tuck into a gorgeous big Sunday breakfast.
Cos you're worth it after having a 3p tea the night before...

 Then dash back home just in time for the White Poppy Ceremony.

 Where lots of like minded people went to lay a wreath and take a moment together.

 In the glorious setting of the local library.

On a beautiful Autumn day.

Then rush home to your beautiful new washing machine.
It's true love!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Power of Music. I'm Being Transported Back to the Eighties...!

Am sat here listening to my 100 80's songs CD, having done all the menial boring jobs that are required of a Sunday, after a week of work.  Reality's rubbish!

Am being transported back to my teens.  Remembering the Bucks Fizz classic that had me dancing round my bedroom in 1981...  Reminiscing about my lifesize Paul Young poster and the boy I fancied down the street that had hair just like him...  Dancing in the kitchen to "I think We're Alone Now", just like I did when it came out, only this time I was doing a pile of dishes and had a pinny on...  And remembering actually walking down Electric Avenue with my walkman belting out the song of the same name.  Powerful stuff is music I'm sure you'll agree.

I've loved music all my life and am very lucky to be married to a bloke that's obsessed with it.  The girls just love it when they mention an artist they've just discovered, whether an old or new act, and their Dad can pop through and bring them their whole back catalogue from the CD cupboard. Eclectic is the word.... 

Since cancelling our TV licence something has happened.  Something I wasn't expecting.  Something I'd completely forgotten about.  Books and music!  Goodness the tele box can suck time out of your day like a very powerful hoover....  And so the CDs have been getting played aplenty and the long forgotten lyrics have returned.  Must be good for the brain to suddenly realise you remember every single word of Tainted Love even though you haven't heard it for years, especially considering you don't remember what you had for breakfast...

I didn't have a good childhood by any means.  In care, adopted, abused, bloody awful...!  And I've made a discovery, I've come to the conclusion that the brain is my favourite organ of all.  No bad memories are connected with a single song from my teens - every single song makes me feel good, brings back a good feeling, takes me back to a specific time or moment that was good.  Weird? Probably!  A particular quirk with my brain?  Probably!  Do I care?  NO!!!

Robbie and I have passed our love of music onto our girls thank God and they are frequently off to gigs, constantly downloading, singing, playing, sharing and enjoying.  They're going to grow old with the most brilliant memories of songs from their childhood, all attached to memories that will last forever.  Does tele do that?  Course it doesn't!

So I have my first conclusion of this post.  Best thing I ever did was cancel my TV licence.  So there!

So all this time to think about the old me back in the 80s has got me thinking about the older, slightly wiser me.  The one that has gradually, over time, become a little less confident, a little less brave, a little more introverted and quiet, (though quite happy with this I must add).  A homebird with a love of wine and a good film is no bad thing!

But a slight shift is a happening....  New friends, new causes, new interests, and an unaccustomed shot of confidence had me dressing up and going partying this weekend.  The second in a fortnight don't you know?  And if you knew me you'd know that this is quite a departure for me....

 Friends were most amused to realise I was just wearing my own clothes... 
A natural hippy!

 Elizabeth after a hard week...

 Can't take me anywhere!

Robbie getting mummified as you do on a Saturday night...

So my second conclusion:  After a lightbulb moment I have realised something.  I'm still the same girl I was in the 80s.  Bit older, bit creakier, but inside this little body is the exact same girl that was off to the disco at Woody's every Friday night.

I mustn't forget that.

What music brings back memories for you?  I'd love to hear!

Be back soon.

Wendy x

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unleash the Protest Beast but bring a Cosy Autumnal Throw!

A little bloggy break is all a girl needs.  To regroup, see the light and get a little perspective.  I can't say that I feel better though because I don't.  The No result for Scotland has gutted at least half the country and the feeling is one of disappointment and sadness at an opportunity lost.  But.  One thing I'm awful at is doing nothing about a situation, so I've been pro-active, I've taken action, and I feel inspired that, along with the many new people I've recently met, change will come.

I've joined the SNP!  Now the third biggest political party in the UK don't you know....

I've also joined the CND.  How could I not when I discovered that Trident missiles are only 22 miles from Glasgow and just one of their missiles (of which there are dozens) are four times more powerful than the bomb that hit Hiroshima.  Can't get my head round that one...

I've cancelled my TV Licence.  Never again will I watch or listen to the BBC news.  Their coverage of the referendum was so shamelessly biased and to say that I don't believe a word they say is putting it mildly.

I've been to the BBC Bias Protest.  It was the weekend before the vote and was amazing.  Thousands of us were there, not the few hundred that was reported...

And on Saturday we went to the Hope Over Fear Rally.  There's a feeling of disbelieve in the air here, not a sign or whiff of any of the 55% celebrating or having a party anywhere.  But less than a month after the result people in their thousands descended on George Square in Glasgow to protest against the appalling web of lies being spun by Westminster. 

My next trip?  To Fife to join a Fracking Protest.  I truly don't have words for how I feel about this one.  Wouldn't have happened if we'd got independence, but no point thinking of that now.  Protest I must!

Now I have to say, this post so far sounds quite cross and upset doesn't it?  Because it is I suppose...

But in amongst the sadness of the result I've been doing a little nesting and rearranging for Autumn. The darker nights and the colder temperatures make you want to wrap up a little warmer when you're sat watching Catch Up cos you don't have a tv licence anymore...!

 Indeed, because what's more important than your family?

 A cosy throw (which is flung over me knees as I blog!)

 And this chunky blanket is currently on the floor with the dog...  I'm so precious with my stuff!

 This was Robbie's mums picture and it always hung above her bed.  I love it.

 My next goal is to get Robbie to get this radio actually working...

 A landline phone that never rings unless it's to pick up specs or give to charity.  And a buddha with a belly desperate for a rub!

 All set for the Christmas tree - completely Autumned!

 My latest 25p cookbook bargain, am delighted, love Madhur Jaffrey!

 Robbie's reading list... and a little bit of red.

My much smaller reading list....!

Well, hopefully my next blog post wont be in a month and I'll not be tied to a railing or stuck up a tree....  But you never know!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So Sad.

Friday the 19th of September.

These photos were taken yesterday when my girls were voting for their future. I can't look at them without crying because I know, I know for a fact, that they've been deprived of that hope, that promise, and that chance of a brighter future in an Independent Scotland.
These photos were taken yesterday when my darling husband Robbie stood for almost 24 hours in total, so hopeful of a Yes vote during referendum day. A vote that he and so many other campaigners have worked so very hard for.
It breaks my heart. If I could believe for one moment that Scotland would in any way be Better Together, I'd resign myself to this decision and be hopeful of the changes the Government promised. But I, and so many others, are not stupid. We know these changes won't come. We knew that before it was revealed today.
Robbie, my love, please don't give up the fight. You, and so many other wonderful people can do this. You can make it happen. You can make things better for our children. Just keep the faith.
Girls, don't lose hope. Change will come. It's just going to take longer than we'd hoped, and you just need to keep believing that there's a future for you that's brighter than what's about to come.
I don't want to believe any of what I'm hearing; that the vote was rigged, that David Cameron never ever intended for Scotland to be free, that the promised changes won't materialise. I don't want to because it makes it too hard to bear.
And I don't judge a single soul for their decision when they voted. This isn't about that, it's about Westminster. It's about the lies, the deception and the scaremongering. And potentially it's about the whole referendum being rigged.
I hope so much that one day we'll see a better future for this wonderful Country that I'm so very proud to call my home.

Be back soon.

Wendy x

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vote YES!

A very quick Post just to mark tomorrow.  A moment in History.  To say I feel emotional is an understatement.  I've been to hear Alex Salmond, I've been to hear Nicola Sturgeon, I've attended some rallies and I've met some wonderful canvassers along the way.  I will miss all this after tomorrow; the atmosphere, the camerarderie, the buzz and the excitement...

But I hope so very very much that Yes will win.  Scotland deserves to be independent, it can do it, it can do it easily and I so very much hope that the appalling bias from the media hasn't put too many people off or convinced them not to take the risk.

I've lived in this country for more than half of my lifetime.  I've married a Scotsman, I've got Scottish children and I've always felt completely welcome here.  This is my home and I want to live in an Independent Scotland!

Think of us all tomorrow.  Apparently 94% have registered to vote which is unprecedented.  Over 80% are predicted to turn up.  Again, unprecedented.  And the atmosphere?  Unbelievable!!!

So here's hoping my next Post will come from an Independent Scotland!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Work, Wine and a Wonderful Pressie!

Oh well, I suppose the feeling wasn't going to last forever was it?  I'm knackered!!  Back to work, back to the usual, busy, daily routine...  But at least I enjoy my job and I'm happy to be back (kind of!)

Life's returned to normal - lots of children....

 Lots of paperwork...  wahay! 

 A shopping list I never remember to take to the shop...
A YES adorned handbag and workbag that get trailed everywhere....
And the diary, the post and the paperwork that I missed oh so very much during the Summer...!

At home however...
 The campaign for independence ends in two weeks and is taking up every spare minute of Robbie's time.  Between canvassing, delivering papers, manning the stalls, tweeting the message, attending meetings, it's so full on.  Very exciting too!

But the domestic drudgery doesn't do itself does it?

 I hate ironing.  Loath it.
First pic:  weeks and weeks worth...  Took me an afternoon!
Second week:  Not so bad!  Wine and a watching dog.  Almost bearable...

On the food front:

 Check out my great big homegrown courgette sat beside the piddly supermarket one.  Still eating it!
And this was my baking.  Went to take a photo but it had been demolished.  Oh well, they must have liked it.

But the biggest treat of all?
Robbie's friend Malky McCormick (very famous caricaturist), drew us a picture!

Most prized possession ever.  Will be grabbed in the event of a fire even before my dog...!
And this was done simply out the kindness of his heart and his love of my hubby's company.  What a man!

Now off I go to check out some Blogs after far too many weeks away!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pitlochry, Banana Loaf and a Pretty Skirt.

So I woke up one morning and the holidays were over...  Tomorrow I'm back at work...  Oh gawd that was far too quick if you ask me!

I feel fabulously refreshed and relaxed, am suitably topped up with wine and cake, my little body has adjusted perfectly to going to bed too late (okay, I admit it, a little tipsy occasionally...), and getting up much later than y'would on a school day....  So I have a feeling I'm gonna be a zombie by Wednesday.

But it was a brilliant holiday and I I loved it.  And we managed to squeeze in a couple of days in Pitlochry too.  Farbulous!

 The swanky lounge full of board games, comfy couches, a big fire (obviously a necessity in Scotland in August...) and the biggest playroom the dog has ever had!

 The gorgeous staircase.  Felt like a laaaady walking down them!

 The Pine Tree Hotel in Pitlochry.  You should visit, you really should.

 On the way home we stopped off at the Wallace Monument.  Robbie and I climbed up to see it while the girls and the dog read in the car.  Yes really.  They were so lazy and my dog can apparently read.

 I remember when my children were smaller than me....

 And here we have Bets and Belle looking for the fish at the salmon ladder.  Nothing to be seen, not a bean (or a fish).

 I literally had to pay them to pose for this pic.  Not keen on having their photos taken, and I have no idea why cos they're blummin' gorgeous!

 This was a lovely little pub by the Festival Theatre.  Iced Tea and Carrot Cake.  Yum.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in this part of Scotland.  And I am so very blessed.

We got home a couple of days ago and since then I've been doing the last minute stuff to prepare for work, and trying very hard to just stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

And so I baked.

 My great big recipe book.

 Line with greaseproof paper?  Can't be bothered with all that palava, always use a reusable tray liner that I can just wash and use again.  Much easier.

 Much prettier than two black bananas!

 And here I present tomorow's dinner!  Quorn pieces at £1.49 from Aldi, 4 carrots, a courgette and some frozen peas.  Add in a jar of Tikka sauce (if you're lazy like me), throw in a tin of tomatoes and pop in the fridge for a day.  Serve after a knackering first day back at work with brown rice and get someone else to wash up.  That's tomorrow sorted!

And now for some advice please!

I've acquired this skirt from Cat and quite like it.  But I have no idea what the heck to wear with it apart from my comfort black.  Any suggestions?  I feel myself moving back into my comfort zone just now as I'm struggling to work out what to put with what.  So suggestions please!  I've a few things like this so I might ask again...!

Be back soon!

Wendy x