Monday, May 26, 2014

No hurry at the Wee Hurrie

I live in a beautiful part of Scotland.  Not being a local (coming originally from Kent), I've never taken my surroundings for granted, I know it's gorgeous, I get out to various pretty bits very often, and I'm always a better person for coming home from an encounter with Nature.  Tis a great healer I believe.

But the weather!  No wonder it's so green in this neck of the woods, it rains sooo much!  If we sat about waiting for a dry day we'd never go anywhere.  So yesterday Rob and I took a run to Troon for chips in the rain.  Was fab.

 The plan was chips... But how can you just get chips when faced with a menu like this?  Hake it was!

 Such an unassuming looking place, right on the Harbour, so the fish jumps out the sea straight into my polystyrene box...

 Yum.  My car still smells fishy today, makes me want to go back and get something else for tonights dinner.

 These starlings sat on the bin the whole time we were there.  They patiently waited for people to drop their boxes in then repeatedly divebombed until they broke in and got their treats!  Was great to watch!

 So while we were eating this was our wet and rainy view.  Even in the rain it's gorgeous, I could have sat there all day.  Plenty to see, hundreds of gulls, not one interested in my chips thankfully.
 And then, just as I munched my last chip the rain stopped, marvellous.  Time for a walk!

 Giant Lego.  I so clearly work with kids....
We walked for about an hour (suffering for it today...) and just as we got back to the car it started raining again.  I love it when that happens, it feels like it's stopped just for you!

I have two teenagers that are of the selfie generation, their gorgeous big eyes stare out of every social media thingy. They weren't impressed by mine and Rob's attempts....  Can't take him anywhere...

Was a great day and cost less than a tenner.  Who needs Spain!!  (wouldn't mind actually!)

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Dark Half...

My arm has started working again.  Woo Hoo!  Being the positive little thing that I am, I have decided that it was just a glitch and that maybe I shouldn't have carried that basket full of bananas...  Very silly considering my fragile tendencies.  Y'see when you're off to buy snack for 24 little ones and you're in a hurry, you tend to forget how heavy two dozen bananas are and don't bother taking a trolley...!  So it was either that or the dog pulling - both very likely culprits.

So I'm following my Doctor's orders, being a good girl,  and am off heavy duties of any kind for a month.  No carrying, no lifting, no dog walking (rubbish!), no hoovering, no ironing.... Think I can handle that!

Now here's the thing!  For a few days I felt so utterly rubbish that I went back to my happy place, my comfort zone.  Black.  And.  Jeans.  And a really funny thing happened, I didn't like it.  At all.  So, even though I'm far from 100% again I've picked myself back up and brought a little colour back.  And what a strange coincidence that people think I look so much better!

Jeans look so much better with something pretty!

 I got this top for my birthday last year.  Wore it once then put in away.  Why?  Tis quite nice I think.

And this little top is a charity shop number from a few years back.  Not worn it for years.

I bought this skirt for £1 a couple of weeks ago, it's a bit big, just sits on my hips and must admit makes me a bit nervous.  Can just imagine it falling off (won't be the first time that's happened!)  But it's pretty innit? Accompanied by my regulation dark half...!

And this is blurry because I'm a shocking photographer.  I was at a Ceilidh tonight (not dancing, or drinking, was a blast...!) and wore this.  My friend commented that I'd forgotten my jeans...  Sarky!

And I wouldn't normally post a pic of my jammies, but this is to prove a point to myself.  Even when I get home from work and instantly take to my bed for a couple of hours because my arm is KILLING ME.  I feel better in something pretty.  What a lovely mood lifter when you're doped up on painkillers!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last Post, you all made me feel that little bit better.  You really are a lovely bunch, thank you!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Monday, May 19, 2014


I am such a miserable old cow when I'm in pain.  I sent myself off to the Doctor's today, which in itself is VERY RARE.  I can't stand the places, have had some really negative experiences the last few years, so I prefer to live in denial.  Usually.

Sometimes I think it's fear that makes you feel pain more.  I went undiagnosed for eighteen months before I was referred for surgery, and I've had over a year of very gradual recovery.  So, I've got to say I'm not delighted that I'm feeling pain again.  Pain that's got me off sick today, which is unheard of.

I trudged into that surgery, proud of myself for going sooner rather than later, and was informed that it's too early to tell if it's anything serious and to go back in four weeks if I'm still in pain, at which time I'll be referred for an MRI scan.  And there I was all proud of myself for going early!

He's pretty sure it's not a recurral of my disc problem, he just thinks I've done something daft like lift something too heavy or let the dog pull me, so I'm feeling more reassured, but my goodness I wish I wasn't back to having nerve pain that just reminds me of what I went through for two years.  MISERABLE!!!

It's just as well that I appreciate things and don't take my life or health for granted.  Chronic pain is the biggest happiness sucker there is isn't it?  


So now I'm going to stop typing (cos it hurts...!) And hopefully my happy mojo will be back in a few days and I'll post something a little bit more cheerful!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things I've heard the last few days...

"How did a wasps nest get there then?" 

Well, that was an interesting one.  A beautiful, teeny tiny wasps nest took residence in my office last week. My fault for locking what must have been a very bored wasp in for a day or two... And bad enough that Robbie savagely destroyed it with a pencil (brute!) It really was gorgeous, in a wasps nest kind of way, amazing what nature can do.  Until humans ruin it all...

"Not chips again!"

Shame on me for slipping up on the domestic goddess front...!  That blummin' essay took ages and day by day my home became a dirty hovel, and oh the shame, chips accompanied literally every meal for a week. My kids are spoilt, it's official.  Aren't we women supposed to be brilliant at multi-tasking?  Isn't it supposed to come naturally?  Ha!  Not with me it doesn't!  Consumed I was by writing 2000 words of utter drivel, I just about managed to remember to pee....

"You look SO WELL!"

I really had no idea that I look so terrible before the skirts and straighteners came out...  It's getting a bit unnerving now, meeting people and the first thing they do is look me up and down and EXCLAIM how wonderful I look, how much better I'm looking, how it's so nice to see me looking so well...  I must have been an affront on the eyes before!  Better keep at it now then, am starting to get used to being complimented ;)

"I'll have one!"

In answer to "anybody want a cup of tea??"  That's been my role for weeks now; tea and chip provider.  My poor girls, and the exam torture still isn't over for them.  Youngest's last one is tomorrow and Oldest finishes on the 23rd.  The end is near, thank goodness!

"An early night should do it"

It doesn't though does it?  Fix tiredness I mean.  I'm knackered just now, I really am.  And the busiest time of the year has hit, with parents' nights, trips, parades, photographers, parties, prizegivings.... Oh I'm gonna stop I'm tired just thinking about it....  Roll on July!


Masterchef!!  I love this programme and I have absolutely no idea why.  Why?  Why do I love to watch people cook, and then watch other people eat what the people have cooked and then watch the people cry and sweat with joy at having cooked for the people who eat it....  Gawd I'm addicted, tis brilliant!

"That'll be £4.50 please"

Library fines.... would have been cheaper to have bought the bl***y book.  Rip off!

"Belle, get down!"

The minute your back's turned the dog's on the couch, or the bed, or somewhere else she's not supposed to be, and to make it so much harder to be strict, she gives you this look:

Some things in life aren't worth the hassle are they?  And she looks so comfy.  Can't hurt can it?


I had neck surgery in March last year and was told to expect a years' recovery period.  So up until March I was a very patient lady, it nearly killed me, but I took everything slowly and gave my body time to heal, and didn't overdo it.  Good girl.

It's May!  It still hurts... I'm still not 100%... Oh bu**er!!  And it's stupid little things that are setting me back!  I went shopping on Tuesday and my bags were heavy...  I hugged my inconsolable, lovesick girl when she was crying, and couldn't use my arm for two days afterwards...  I reached down to unplug my hairdryer...

Such a pain when your body tells you what you don't want to hear isn't it!

"Ooh, that's a lovely wine..."

Better stock up then!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Green Is Your Garden?

D'ya know, I'm sat here listening to Dolly Parton, The Gospel Collection.  (I'm not religious and I have absolutely no idea why I bought it for 50p this afternoon...!)  It's not particularly good to be honest, but the only other CD nearby is Country and Western Classics (another of today's 50p bargains) and I've already listened to that 4 times this afternoon.  You see, this is what I do.  When I have to focus on something I have a CD on a loop that eventually becomes reassuring, secure background music to let me think and work to. I'm in the process of finding that CD as this essay really needs a soundtrack.  Dolly Parton's not it.  Definitely not.  How am I supposed to work when I'm belting out "heaven's just a prayer away" and praising Jesus. (And no offence to anybody that's religious by the way, to be honest I envy anybody with a belief.  Good on ya!)  Think I might try the third and final purchase from today and see how that goes.  Can't go wrong with a bit of SClub 7 can you....!!?

So how green is your garden?  Well mine is far too green!  One day it was Winter and everything was dead and brown and small, then i woke up one morning and this hit me in the face:

 The view up the front garden.  One empty border and another that's fit to burst!
 Right up the end.  I tried to prune that evil yellow thing once.  Not doing that again, bites through gardening gloves that thing does!
 And round the corner.  Told you it was big didn't I?!  The conifer's need a brutal trim, but maybe not this year, costs a fortune and I'm a rotten ladder monitor when Robbie tries to do it...
 Under my living room window.  What is it with Poppies?  They multiply like crazy!  Good job I absolutely love them and have become expert at ignoring the very obvious things that don't even resemble poppies that are in with them.
 This is between us and next door.  No idea how poppies got that far...!
 Forest Flame?  Flame of the Forest?  Who cares!  It's gorgeous and I love it.
Never been much of a one for plant names.  No idea.  Very pretty though.
 This is right round the other side where the drive is.  And believe it or not there are plants in this here border.  It's not all weeds y'know!
And the rest of the drive, leading to the back of the house.  How rubbish would life be without trees and weeds?  Not to mention the occasional flower and intentional plant of course...!

All this has done is make me realise that we really need to squeeze some gardening into our weekend routine.  Just give me the weather and forget about anything else!  But isn't it just so lovely and green?!

And I've been really good on the colourful skirt/dress front as well.  I think the biggest part of it for me is confidence.  I took the dog out in the blue dress and felt so self-conscious - until I gave myself a talking to.  For goodness sake woman get a grip.

 A fiver out of Primark about five years ago.  Still not entirely sure if I like it...  I think I do, maybe it's because it's very different from what I'm used to:
Which is this!  Love when youngest buys herself a pretty jumper and decides she doesn't like it!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Monday, May 5, 2014

Who's The Most...?

When your children start growing up, when they start to spread their wings and life at home is just a part of their life, and no longer the centre of their universe, it can become quite challenging as a parent.  And it's very hard to come to terms with as well!

When you plan to have a family what do you imagine?  You imagine toddlers, plastic toys, car seats and caravans don't you?  Not for a minute, when you're knocking back your Folic Acid, do you think of them taller than you, eating you out of house and home, and wandering in in the small hours.  Doesn't occur to you!

My precious girls are 16 and 19 and my absolute world.  I adore them, I love that they are growing up to become happy, funny, confident and cheeky young ladies with so very much to look forward to and enjoy. And I also love the fact that I'm getting just a bit more time to myself and am able to wander off to a car booty with Robbie on a Sunday morning without two whining girls in the back seat!  But, with that comes a dilemma:  What can you do with them?  Where can you go?  What can you offer to draw them away from their laptops and social life?  Well, in our case the answer is simple:  Take them out to eat!

We're on a budget and a pretty strict one at that, so eating out is just an occasional treat and so we make the most of it.  And I'm a planner.  And an organiser.... So, last night off we went to Mono, our favourite Vegan and Vegetarian super relaxed and super yummy cafe/restaurant.  And in I went with a plan for a table game... If I didn't steer it, poor Robbie wouldn't get a look-in conversation wise and I'd be up the creek when the subject of YouTube and Instagram came up....!

So the game was this:  Go round the table and take turns asking the question:  Who's the most....?  Then put your case forward and at the end take a vote.  Ohmygiddyaunt, never again!

Who's the most selfish:  Eldest (me a close second!)
Who's the most likely to get married first:  Youngest (eldest full of questions....!)
Who's the most likely to move abroad:  Youngest (nooooo!!!!!)
Who's the most likely to make a million:  Me (hahahahaha, I wish!)
Who's the most organised:  Me (This was so close, we were all desperate to win, what does that tell ya?!)
Who's the funniest:  Eldest (Dad second)
Who's the most arrogant:  Youngest (but in a good way, obviously!)
Who's the most motivated:  Dad (Mum second.  Come on girls, keep up!)
Who's the prettiest:  Eldest (Youngest didn't want to be...!)
Who's the most grateful:  Me (No competition with my background!)

Oh my the list went on and on and Dinner passed in a blur of garlic mushrooms and burrito's.  It was such a good night and as the list above confirms, it made me so very very grateful for my beautiful little family that I love so very very much.

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Holidays and Elephant Heaven.

Woohoo Long Weekend!  Spring's rapidly turning into my favourite Season; buds, sunshine and plenty of holidays, what could be better?

This morning I had a lovely, very self-indulgent lie-in.  Eldest child needed a lift, so her Dad kindly dragged himself out of bed to run her, while I just lay there like a right lazy mare, and it was heavenly.  The sun wasn't shining, but it wasn't pouring and freezing either, so I just enjoyed looking out the window,  listened to the birds fighting, and happily just emptied my brain between dozing.  You know that state you get into when you're only lightly sleeping but you're dreaming as well?  Two very strange dreams this morning, involving hillclimbing and getting lost.  No idea!

My house is exam central just now.  Youngest is sitting five Highers (A levels), and Eldest has three end of year Uni exams.  All in May.  On top of that I have my very first end of Module essay due in on the 12th.  At least it's only one though; poor girls!  So there's lots of stress, a fair bit of narky sister whingeing, and a poor bloke stuck in the middle. Happy Days!

Blummin' brilliant charity shop find today!

£3.99 of Elephant heaven.  I'm so glad the old lady in front of me couldn't think of anywhere to put it and had to go away and think about it... Hahahaha, her loss!

Two of my favourite things that never fail to make my heart sing:

I treated myself to Aldi tulips (cos at £1.35 they're a very pretty bargain), and a much needed cuppa after a busy afternoon enjoying myself.

And speaking of enjoying myself, I am determined to finish this book:

A tale of people drowning and unimaginable tragedy, with the odd happy ending tied in... Honestly, such a good book, that I've been reading for far too long, so will definitely finish this week....

One other book that's been getting far too much of my attention in my opinion:

Actually I should be very grateful to Stella Cottrell, she's made me realise that it's good to draw really pretty mindmaps in the name of constructive studying...

And having taken the advice of my fellow bloggers that are taking the time to comment on this here teeny tiny Blog (wowser!), I am taking baby steps towards wearing more than just jeans out in public.  Skirts here we come and I'm loving it.

From top to toe I'm dressed from Charity Shops here.  Cardigan £1.50 from CASE.  Skirt £1.50 from CASE.  £1 necklace from Ayrshire Hospice and Boots £3 from CASE.  Why buy new?  The skirt is a Next Petite that would have cost at least £25 and the card is a Betty Jackson from Debenhams, at least £25 I reckon.  It pays to root through the rails!

So now I'm gonna pour myself a glass of wine and watch Howls Moving Castle with my eldest, while my hubby snores away quite peacefully beside me at only 8.30pm.  Poor bloke, must be all that exam stress...!

Be back soon!

Wendy x