Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pitlochry, Banana Loaf and a Pretty Skirt.

So I woke up one morning and the holidays were over...  Tomorrow I'm back at work...  Oh gawd that was far too quick if you ask me!

I feel fabulously refreshed and relaxed, am suitably topped up with wine and cake, my little body has adjusted perfectly to going to bed too late (okay, I admit it, a little tipsy occasionally...), and getting up much later than y'would on a school day....  So I have a feeling I'm gonna be a zombie by Wednesday.

But it was a brilliant holiday and I I loved it.  And we managed to squeeze in a couple of days in Pitlochry too.  Farbulous!

 The swanky lounge full of board games, comfy couches, a big fire (obviously a necessity in Scotland in August...) and the biggest playroom the dog has ever had!

 The gorgeous staircase.  Felt like a laaaady walking down them!

 The Pine Tree Hotel in Pitlochry.  You should visit, you really should.

 On the way home we stopped off at the Wallace Monument.  Robbie and I climbed up to see it while the girls and the dog read in the car.  Yes really.  They were so lazy and my dog can apparently read.

 I remember when my children were smaller than me....

 And here we have Bets and Belle looking for the fish at the salmon ladder.  Nothing to be seen, not a bean (or a fish).

 I literally had to pay them to pose for this pic.  Not keen on having their photos taken, and I have no idea why cos they're blummin' gorgeous!

 This was a lovely little pub by the Festival Theatre.  Iced Tea and Carrot Cake.  Yum.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in this part of Scotland.  And I am so very blessed.

We got home a couple of days ago and since then I've been doing the last minute stuff to prepare for work, and trying very hard to just stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

And so I baked.

 My great big recipe book.

 Line with greaseproof paper?  Can't be bothered with all that palava, always use a reusable tray liner that I can just wash and use again.  Much easier.

 Much prettier than two black bananas!

 And here I present tomorow's dinner!  Quorn pieces at £1.49 from Aldi, 4 carrots, a courgette and some frozen peas.  Add in a jar of Tikka sauce (if you're lazy like me), throw in a tin of tomatoes and pop in the fridge for a day.  Serve after a knackering first day back at work with brown rice and get someone else to wash up.  That's tomorrow sorted!

And now for some advice please!

I've acquired this skirt from Cat and quite like it.  But I have no idea what the heck to wear with it apart from my comfort black.  Any suggestions?  I feel myself moving back into my comfort zone just now as I'm struggling to work out what to put with what.  So suggestions please!  I've a few things like this so I might ask again...!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail anyone?

A sheltered life I live, I know this, I can confirm it to be true.

Those of you who are a whirlwind of excitement, new experiences and adventures may well mock, but...

When was the last time you were rendered speechless by a mere cocktail?


Tonight I had my first Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail, full of Southern Comfort, Vodka, Gin, Tequila,  Coke and an array of wonderful little extras that had me squealing with delight.

Makes the get together with the girls from work all the more fun (and makes going back on Friday just that little bit more bearable...  Little bit!)

It also helped enormously that the meal was a gift from grateful parents and we didn't have to pay for it!

I'm in a great job!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Friday, August 8, 2014

Birthdays, Biscuits, Beige and Baking.

It's been an eventful time lately, full of exam results, new jobs, bugs, birthdays and work prep (because the holidays are over on the 18th  (NNOOoooo......!!!!!)  So not a lot of Blogging and a whole lot of....

Busy in Beige!

So, first of all I've decided to dispense with Eldest and Youngest and they will now be known by their actual real human names of:  Eldest = Bets and Youngest = Cat.  Much better!!

And Cat passed her Highers with great grades and made me so proud I made biscuits!

This is such an easy recipe and omigiddyaunt they are so tasty.  Which is why by the time I took this photo there were hardly any left and I had to get all arty and make a mini  pile...!

And then of course we had Cat's 17th Birthday.
Can't believe it...

 She got up early enough to open her presents before her Dad went to work, then swiftly went straight back to bed leaving a bombsite behind her!

 My very first attempt at Carrot Cake.  Made at midnight...  Time management's still not quite mastered!

 And so breakfast in bed for the baby in the family.  The 17 year old baby!

And in honour of this lovely neutral, beige and brown coloured post I feel obliged to match.  In my extreeeemely old trousers.  I just don't understand people that dress in the latest fashions and update their wardrobe every season.  Total madness.  If you like it, keep it and wear it, that's what I say!

Must admit I feel very beige though....!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ginger wine in the rain...

Eldest got the job!  After months of looking for something part time to do alongside her 3rd year at Uni, after countless rejections, after a handful of interviews and no luck, she has landed a beauty.  And I'm so proud of her!  Waitressing at the Grand Central Hotel at Central Station in Glasgow.  Frank Sinatra, the Queen, Bob Hope, Robbie Williams...  countless famous faces have been there.  Minimum wage but she gets to keep her tips...  

Which is just as well considering the parental love and support don't stretch to any kind of financial help just now, so she's understandably planning how to spend it already!  There's nothing beats a bit of parental pride is there?!

In other news I thought an update on my new routine, on my new, improved organised me might be in order...  Farbulous thank you very much.  Feeling much less busy and much more full of myself (in a nice, unassuming way of course...)

And so here's what I've been looking at all day:

 Hits the ground then bounces back up again.  Happy August everybody!

Not to worry, this is when indoor shopping centres with teenagers come into their own...!

Took Eldest shopping to buy essentials for the new job (and to buy a frock for a date).  She did very well on the Sale front and on adding up the full prices of everything worked out she'd saved £91!!!  2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes and a skirt.  And I repeat - a saving of £91.  Who on EARTH pays full price for these things?  And if they do, how can they possibly afford it all?

My outfit of the day, on the other hand, all from charity shops, cost under a tenner!

Cooking wise I've realised something.  I clearly don't like washing up cos everything I make seems to be in one pot!

 Stir Fry before the noodles.  with courgette, pepper, sweetcorn, pea, green beans and a few slightly wilted asparagus.  Was quite nice.  Not my best though.

And sweet potato curry tonight.  Leaving me with leftovers for tomorrow and ...

 Not much else!

 Looks like I've plenty in the cupboards but I haven't...

 Beans on rice cakes anyone?!

One good thing about going through the cupboards though is discovering the last of a bottle of ginger wine that just begged to be poured and enjoyed.  Perfect with some athletics and worky Facebook.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments to my last post by the way.  Lovely compliments and a distinct lack of advice...  I absolutely love this blogging malarky!

Be back soon!

Wendy x