Sunday, June 15, 2014

The beauty of the mundane on a Sunday afternoon.

Blog posts are few and far between just now, what with the end of term being nigh (woop woop!) and me having a temperamental neck... 

And here was I thinking today that I had nothing worth blogging about; but armed with my camera and an hour to spare, and a decision to not think of what else is out there in Blogland just now, I think today is worthy of account.  Because I'm having a lovely day, I really am.  

I'm a very simple soul and lucky to be somebody that appreciates what she has.  My first 20 years were awful, I was in and out of children's homes from the age of 2 to 9, then in foster homes and eventually adopted at 13 to a couple that were unstable and abusive.  Until I met Robbie at 20 I was so very unhappy and unloved.  Then I married, had children, created a home and became the person I am today.  And that person loves her life so very much.  And you know what?  Days like today; the slow, uneventful, mundane days, are my favourites.  

I'm not a religious person at all, I have real issues with believing in something I can't see, feel, or explain.  But I am thankful and I live a grateful life, and I doubt that will ever change as I'd be very disappointed in myself if I became laissez faire and took everything for granted.

Take that hubby of mine.   Omigiddyaunt he has so much to put up with, I am not an easy woman!  But he loves me regardless.  He loves me so much he's spent all afternoon cutting back the monster trees in our garden just so I can get a decent washing line!

 Standing on the next door neighbour's wheely bin...  Health and safety?  What's that?!

 Doesn't it look beautifully green?  If you look directly out this window you see nothing but trees, my neighbours have been invisible for weeks now!

 This was once a baby fuschia...!

My beautiful back garden slowly turning into a jungle...  But a jungle with a washing line by tonight I hope!

And as for my gorgeous girls?  There aren't words for how you feel about your children are there?  All I ever wanted was a family, and my two girls have made me so proud.  Proud of them, but also proud of myself for raising them so well despite having nothing and no one to show me how to do it.  Quite lucky they worked out so well!

This lovely lazy Sunday afternoon?  Youngest under a blanket and Eldest enjoying Starter For Ten for the millionth time!

The exams are over, hooray!!  So now time for relaxing, taking time to catch up with pals, reading, watching films, having a lie in...

Which Robbie, Millie and Belle are very good at...!  This was this morning - the sun was bursting through the trees, the birds were singing, the day was waiting for us, and who missed it?  Not me!

So the chicken's in the oven, the day's closing in, and I've had a wonderful Sunday.  I hope all you lovely ladies in Blogland have had a good one too, and once things are less busy I will pop over and catch up on all my reading (can't wait!).  In the meantime, join me in a glass and forgive me the cropped jeans, but oh how I love them!

Cheers everybody!  Have a great week, and remember, life is so busy, so manic, so let's love, enjoy and revel in the beauty of a mundane Sunday afternoon!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Friday, June 6, 2014

When life just whizzes by...

So yesterday I was 44, and today my youngest went off to her Prom...  But that makes no sense whatsoever because it was only last week that I was 24 and having my first baby.  Life really is just racing by...

My baby will soon be seventeen.  In the blink of an eye she's gone from being a chubby, demanding, just ever so slightly grumpy baby, into a beautiful, happy, intelligent, positive young lady.  I couldn't be more proud.  Or more surprised...

As for me.  44?  Never saw that coming, but can't say it's that big a deal.  After all, my friend still sees me as a Fairy Princess...

Be back soon!

Wendy x

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wearing a toilet roll....

The answer has become clear.  Now I know exactly why I work with children.  For their honesty, that's why!  You see, sadly my neck is taking a while to get better and my doc has decided I should try out a collar (hate the bloody thing!).  And the first thing one of the children asked?  "Why are you wearing a toilet roll Wendy?"  Brilliant!!  And he's right, that's exactly what it looks like...

Gawd I look gorgeous...
No dwelling on this turn of events though; positive thoughts, positive mental attitude and all that.

Weather's been pretty atrocious on the days I've been more mobile but I've more or less stuck to the dress and skirt wearing mission and, if I'm not in a skirt I'm still making an effort to do the pretty thing.   Definitely raises the spirit I have to say!

There you go Connie, a post with my face all over it...  Before you know it I'll work out how to put up Robbie's tripod!

And let me think, what else have I been up to?  Well, there's been a marathon session with the boxset of "Rome"... oh how I love that naughty Mark Anthony!  Finished my shipwreck book and am now moving onto "Laidlaw" as I was at a book reading by the author a few months ago and he was fascinating, such an interesting man.  Hope his book meets my expectations, am expecting great things!

Have spent plenty of time watching Robbie do the gardening and youngest do the ironing.  And ohmygiddyaunt I passed my first Uni module with a "C".  Go me!  Maybe I can do this Degree without giving myself a nervous breakdown after all!

Just had a "Saturday Night Fever" and Bee Gees night with wine, nibbles and a snoring husband beside me, who dared to suggest it was a bit boring and he couldn't help falling asleep.  He slept through John Travolta... I don't know what to say.  So disappointed.

And anybody seen the film Gregory's Girl from the 80s?  The main character whose name totally evades me, has written a book and I'm off to meet him at his book signing tonight.  Quite looking forward to it!

3 weeks til the end of term...  Countdown time!

Be back soon!

Wendy x