Friday, April 18, 2014

What a Good Friday!

A day at home today, spent with hubby, the two girls and the pesky pets.  This in itself is a rarity and a treat! Obviously it didn't last into the evening, youngest daughter's off to see McBusted with three of her friends, (and very excited they are too...) Then, once he's dropped them off, Robbie's off to a gig.  Well, it was nice while it lasted...!

When you have no spare cash and the cupboards are practically bare, this is what happens in my house:

Bean and veg stew.  Tis a terribly complicated recipe you know.  Involves chucking the contents of your tin cupboard and what's left of your frozen veg into a pot, along with plenty of spice.  Dish it up with sweet potato mash and you'd never know it was entirely made of kitchen remnants!

Then, in a separate pot, chop and slice the entire contents of your sad looking veggie basket, add coconut milk, curry paste and stock, and tell everybody it's a veggie korma.  Stick it in the fridge for a day, go and have a thoroughly nice Saturday out, and come home to the cheapest readymeal ever.

I love how much more effort I make with cooking when I have no food in the house!

So, I did all this first thing this morning so I could head out to the Office for a few hours.  I normally study alone, but it was such a lovely day I decided two little companions could join me...  so there were distractions aplenty...

Hilarious.  Logged on after two weeks holiday and was given the option of a recap.  Well of course!  What, am I supposed to remember all this stuff?!

The view out my window.  Hubby up a ladder.  Rare rare sight, was quite unsettling...

Millie found a sunny spot, probably hoping for a bit of peace, but....

Was faced by this pest!  She should get a medal for perseverance, she's so desperate to be friends with the cat it's sad to watch.

Get the message Belle, she's just not into you...  You can feel Millie's disdain from here can't you?  And I was trying to study during all this.  Waste of time, had to keep moving my laptop away from Millie's big hairy bum.  Not the best working environment!

Just as well Belle's got a friend in me.   My shadow!

And to think I never used to be a dog person.  Couldn't be without my furry friend now, especially now the girls are growing up... Sooooobbbbbb!!!!

So it's been a lovely day that didn't cost a penny, was pretty productive, lovely and sunny and super relaxing. My kind of day.

My kind of day because it's not a typical one so is all the more special!  It's so nice when the pace is a bit slower, am looking forward to the next three being the same!

Mary Engelbreight - just love her!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Cheap, cheerful and delicious - just as food should be!
    Gorgeous animals, and loving those pink tights. xxx

    1. It's amazing what you can do when you think you've no food in isn't it?! I wonder if that's why eldest child's not been home to eat for two days!

  2. Lovely dinner! I rather like the chuck it in the pot method of cooking too, very satisfactory! otherwise I use everything and my kitchen looks like toddlers have flour bombed it - your pets are adorable! so gorgeous! and I love your pink tights too! x x x

    1. That's one of the benefits of having a dog, she eats anything that lands on the floor! Even if it's not food....!

  3. Loving those pink tights! Your cooking pictures are making me hungry! x

    1. Empty your cupboards into a pot and you too can have the same dinner as me! x

  4. Belle is gorgeous! Snap because I have Oscar a small white dog and Tex a black cat who is very good at ignoring Oscar.

    1. I've seen them on your Blog - blummin' gorgeous! x