Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things I've heard the last few days...

"How did a wasps nest get there then?" 

Well, that was an interesting one.  A beautiful, teeny tiny wasps nest took residence in my office last week. My fault for locking what must have been a very bored wasp in for a day or two... And bad enough that Robbie savagely destroyed it with a pencil (brute!) It really was gorgeous, in a wasps nest kind of way, amazing what nature can do.  Until humans ruin it all...

"Not chips again!"

Shame on me for slipping up on the domestic goddess front...!  That blummin' essay took ages and day by day my home became a dirty hovel, and oh the shame, chips accompanied literally every meal for a week. My kids are spoilt, it's official.  Aren't we women supposed to be brilliant at multi-tasking?  Isn't it supposed to come naturally?  Ha!  Not with me it doesn't!  Consumed I was by writing 2000 words of utter drivel, I just about managed to remember to pee....

"You look SO WELL!"

I really had no idea that I look so terrible before the skirts and straighteners came out...  It's getting a bit unnerving now, meeting people and the first thing they do is look me up and down and EXCLAIM how wonderful I look, how much better I'm looking, how it's so nice to see me looking so well...  I must have been an affront on the eyes before!  Better keep at it now then, am starting to get used to being complimented ;)

"I'll have one!"

In answer to "anybody want a cup of tea??"  That's been my role for weeks now; tea and chip provider.  My poor girls, and the exam torture still isn't over for them.  Youngest's last one is tomorrow and Oldest finishes on the 23rd.  The end is near, thank goodness!

"An early night should do it"

It doesn't though does it?  Fix tiredness I mean.  I'm knackered just now, I really am.  And the busiest time of the year has hit, with parents' nights, trips, parades, photographers, parties, prizegivings.... Oh I'm gonna stop I'm tired just thinking about it....  Roll on July!


Masterchef!!  I love this programme and I have absolutely no idea why.  Why?  Why do I love to watch people cook, and then watch other people eat what the people have cooked and then watch the people cry and sweat with joy at having cooked for the people who eat it....  Gawd I'm addicted, tis brilliant!

"That'll be £4.50 please"

Library fines.... would have been cheaper to have bought the bl***y book.  Rip off!

"Belle, get down!"

The minute your back's turned the dog's on the couch, or the bed, or somewhere else she's not supposed to be, and to make it so much harder to be strict, she gives you this look:

Some things in life aren't worth the hassle are they?  And she looks so comfy.  Can't hurt can it?


I had neck surgery in March last year and was told to expect a years' recovery period.  So up until March I was a very patient lady, it nearly killed me, but I took everything slowly and gave my body time to heal, and didn't overdo it.  Good girl.

It's May!  It still hurts... I'm still not 100%... Oh bu**er!!  And it's stupid little things that are setting me back!  I went shopping on Tuesday and my bags were heavy...  I hugged my inconsolable, lovesick girl when she was crying, and couldn't use my arm for two days afterwards...  I reached down to unplug my hairdryer...

Such a pain when your body tells you what you don't want to hear isn't it!

"Ooh, that's a lovely wine..."

Better stock up then!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. What a great post, Wendy! It made me say variously "ooh!" and "hurray!" and "awww!" and "oh dear!"
    A week of chips and copious cups of tea never hurt anyone, might just be the only way to get through exams, essays and revision stress. It's always good to be complimented; Don't think of it as a negative comment on what went before, just accept that people think you are looking great today, and isn't that nice to hear?!
    No, you can't be cross with Belle, not with those puppy dog eyes, and ouch indeed to your ongoing neck problems. Eventually, you'll be fine, I'm sure. Wine will help! xxx

    1. I must say I'm coping with the compliments much better than I thought I would. I would even go so far as to say I quite like them! x

  2. Oh Wendy Wendy Wendy. I let my dog loll around wherever he wants. It's a dog's life around here. And I love cooking shows and cookbooks but you wouldn't know it by my deserted kitchen. I love this post. You are a lovely wee thing. I'm still dealing with the after effects of back surgery so I feel your pain and frustration. Now when I raise a glass to my health it will be one for my back and one for Wendy's neck. Xxxooo

    1. Ditto Connie, I'll do the same, but going by how I'm feeling just now maybe a bottle would bring more luck than a glass! x

  3. Oh I'm thoroughly addicted to the Australian Masterchef at the moment … I can't explain why … cause I'll do anything to avoid entering my own kitchen.

  4. Masterchef is brilliant, and so is John Torode, yum! our pets are extremely good at getting their own way, it's the way they look at you, very clever! the wasps nest freaked me out, we went to a yurt last year and had one in there, I thought/hoped it was ornamental (grim, grim, grim) chips for a week is fine hehe and lots of tea, tea is the best, sorts lots of things out, tea and sleep, great stuff! and wine......obviously! I hope your neck pain eases pronto too x x x

    1. Funny, I was the same with the nest, it was tiny but creepy in a weird kind of way! Absolutely beautiful though! x

  5. You are cute. Chips for every meal, so what!! I am not going to get housewife of the year this year, I am soooooo lazy. Even Jak is looking forward to TOF getting home next weekend as I am such a useless cook. I relate to forgetting to Pee, then it is a mad dash to the loo hoping like heck that I don't sneeze, very dangerous situation!! My dogs give me that same look.

    1. The chips don't bother me, but I've obviously spoilt my kids at various points who expect healthy food (for goodness sake!) x