Thursday, July 24, 2014

28 degrees in Scotland. Think my thermometer must be broken....

It's 28 degrees today so I'm staying in til it cools down!  I don't remember ever saying that before considering I'm an English girl living in soggy Scotland...  But oh my, the sun's come out for the Commonwealth Games and it's scorching, lovely!

We spent the day in Glasgow yesterday, we headed in just before lunchtime on the train, walked through the city in the sun, had some lunch then headed to the Kelvingrove Bandstand for the opening of the Commonwealth Festival.  Belle and Sebastian were playing.  Heaven!  One of the only bands that all four of us equally love, which is saying something...  And they were sooo good, it was a brilliant brilliant night, we loved it.

And I was so sensible, I cleaned the house before I left, put the washing out, got up to date on everything, so that when we got home last night I could just fall into bed, and get up today with nothing to do but chill out! Which is exactly what I'm doing in this heat.  I'm watching Fill Your House For Free (Really?) while Robbie nips out for something for lunch.  Sorted!

So a nice quiet day at home, a night out to a friends tonight, and then another trip to Glasgow on Friday to soak up the Commonwealth atmosphere.  I love the holidays!

 Belle and Sebastian and Clyde the Commonwealth Mascot.  Bet he was sweaty in that suit, yuck!

 This was the opening of Kelvingrove Bandstand after its refurb.  It's been derelict for years so it was lovely to see it all restored and back to being used.

 All modernised with a big tele...

 We've loved this band for years and last saw them in Edinburgh ten years ago, so we were very excited...!

 Quite a turnout too!  Great to see such a great crowd as well.

 My one and only city shot on the way there, it's looking great.

Youngest, on the train with her best friend on the way home!

Be back soon!

Wendy x



  1. You're certainly packing a lot into your holidays. I love that the bandstands are getting a makeover. Our town one got tarted up last year and we've got regular gigs there throughout summer - not as big as Belle and Sebastian, though!

  2. Looks like a great day out, the bandstand looks fabulous. Enjoy your night with friends and your day in Glasgow tomorrow! xxx

  3. What a coincidence ... my son's best friend looks exactly the same ;0)

  4. What a brilliant time! the bandstand is beautiful, I hope you have a great day today and like Jo, it seems all our children's best friends look eerily similar hehe x x x