Monday, July 7, 2014

A Happy Cat and a Korma Soup!

I'm in a good mood today.  Yesterday, not so much.  A slight hangover and a Wimbledon Final that my favourite lost in...  Rubbish!

But today the sun is shining, I've bought some gorgeous stationery that is all red roses and heart lifting with a matching pencil case, blummin' gorgeous!  (Doesn't everyone love pretty folders and related paraphernalia, or is it just me...?!)  And some radical gardening's been a-happening, much to the delight of Millie.

The 20ft beech tree that was blocking the light in my bedroom and taking over my front garden is now a 6ft little beauty.  Cost a fortune to get it chopped, omigiddyaunt!  And Robbie did most of the work anyway, the fella only had to provide tools, an extra pair of hands and a van.  But never mind, was well worth it and Millie now has a new climbing frame.

Robbie?  Knackered!

Me?  Needing a refill!

And am sticking to my pitiful food budget and cooking from scratch.  Gawd this could become a habit, I've been at it for at least four days now!  A very yummy veggie korma with very runny sauce - so I suppose it was really a veggie korma soup...  Who cares!?

Ooh, ooh, am getting all excited, am off to London for a little hodilay on Thursday.  Not been down to my neck of the woods for twenty years.  Don't miss it a bit, but can't wait to see if I recognise anything!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Oh I've been enjoying a love filled affair with stationery since I was three years old ... and it never gets old ... so you're definitely not the only one. Give me a pretty pencil case and a scented eraser and I'm in heaven :0)
    Your veggie korma soup looks delish ... I want a bowl this very minute!!!

  2. Ha ha! I just glanced at your header and for a moment I thought you were making CAT soup! Wheh. Silly me. I guess I filled my wine glass a bit too full. That soup does look yummy. And, Yes, I love paper. I dream about opening a book/stationary store but I'm afraid it would never make it these days. Sigh.

  3. Look at Millie! What a pretty girl!
    Poor Robbie, the break will do you both good. If you can find it coconut milk powder (Maggi do it) is perfect for chucking in an Indian dish that's gone a bit runny! Have fun in London. xxx

  4. Poor Robbie, too knackered to even refill your glass!!! Millie looks very happy in her new climbing frame, and you get sunshine, win win I say. Enjoy London!

  5. Ooh, Millie looks happy, and Robbie looks knackered, and you need a refill, and you're off to London - it's all happening! Have a great time. xxx

  6. Yes you need a refill and a draped Robbie over you looks very decadent! stationary really is a wonderful thing, it's so pleasurable, I have 2 untouched notebooks still in their wrappers I won't touch, too pretty! your veggie korma soup look delish, I would have gone face first in it! have a fabulous holiday, and let us know all about it! x x x

  7. I didn't realise you were from London Wendy-when I read your blog I always read it with a Scottish accent for some reason!

  8. Lol, that's funny Bonnie! I'm actually from Kent but have moved around a lot and been in Scotland for the past 26 years. Not a trace of an accent though...! x