Thursday, July 17, 2014

Men in kilts, flower power and dressing like a rocket lolly...

Unless you've had your head in a bucket for the past few months you'll know that in September Scotland has the opportunity to vote for Independence.  The most amazing opportunity, the chance in a million for the country to become entirely independent and responsible for itself.  Very exciting times ahead.

What I've Been Doing:

"Yes In The Park" on the wettest day I think I've ever experienced.  It was just one huge big splashy puddle in a field, full of very happy soggy Independence supporters.  Brilliant day!

 For those of you not from Scotland, all the men look like this... 

 Strathclyde Country Park.  Thank goodness there were tents!

Just look at those tropical summer tans...!

 There was some very good speeches and plenty of traditional music as well.

 And oh look, another one of those everyday normal Scotsmen in his kilt, with his muscet...

 And here's me!  Me with my strangely big head and waterproof that gave up the fight!

Yay for Scottish Independence I say!

Where I've Been:

To see Kacey Musgraves!  Oh she were wonderful!

What I've Been Seeing:

 The worst bit about coming home from holiday!  So much washing, neverblumminending!

 Just as well the weather's lovely and I can hang it out.  In my Wham basket (80s girl at heart...), and using my new pegbag that only cost me £1 and makes me smile cos it's pretty.  Easy pleased!

So now let's tour my flower garden..

 So this is the lily that was orange last year.  Magical!

 This is the big yellow daisy thing that I pruned so badly last week I've left Robbie's traumatised.

 A Hosta flower.  Told you I was an expert!

 A pretty purple bush...

 And an Azalea?  P'raps?

 And this is an orange lily.

What do you mean they have names?  Hilarious, not got a clue!

 Many flattened parts where the local children like to jump over the wall and run through my garden to cut the corner...  Wouldn't want them sticking to the path and keeping out my garden would I...

Robbie does the pruning at the front.  Just as well...

What I've Been Cooking:

I must say that this cooking from scratch thing really doesn't hurt as much as I thought.  Haven't worked out if it's saving me money yet.  It better be!

 Am determined to convert Youngest to omelettes.  She likes peppers so I piled 'em in...

 Still only got a 6/10 from her.  Cheek, it was worth at least an 8, was great!

 Hashed sweet potatoes and egg.  Won't bother again, too much hassle for not enough flavour or applause.  Applause is very important you know.

 Baked mushrooms with couscous.  DISGUSTING!  Forgot to cover them so the couscous went gritty and hard.  Didn't ask Youngest for a score on this one, her face said it all...

Piri Piri coated mackerel, prawns and egg salad.  Farbulous and went very nicely with me wine thank you very much.

What I've Been Sniffing:

This gorgeous, fluffy, newly bathed Belle.  Knackered with all the exertion of drying off in the garden all afternoon.  Hard life.

What I've Been Wearing:

Don't know if I love it or hate it...  Look like a rocket lolly...
 Certainly woke Robbie up!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. The pretty purple bush is Spiraea and your azalea is actually Hydrangea, haven't got a clue about the yellow daisy thing tho'
    We were discussing Scottish Independence today over a pub lunch, it didn't look nearly as tasty as your pepper omelette. Your dog is so gorgeous.

  2. Oops ... I'm the one over here with a bucket on my head ... LOL ... maybe the newscasters think we're too far away to bother telling us here. Perhaps you should plant some rose bushes along the wall ... that should sort out those corner cutting kids ;0)

  3. Never mind a rose bush, some spikes on your wall is what you need! Gorgeous garden shots, fingers crossed for Scottish independence, well done for all that cooking and laundry, and the striped top gets a thumbs up from me! xxx

  4. I am so hungry after all your food photos, oh and I am clapping!!!! Scottish men aye, piles of washing, and that is summer weather? My Oscar and your little white dog are so alike, especially when freshly bathed. I am a little of a plant naming novice myself, but I did recognise a Hydrangea amongst your photos.

  5. Good luck with the vote, I would have had a very happy day with the Scottish men in kilts, the rain would have hidden me drooling over them (I'm sorry, but I can't help it!) Your pepper omelette had Dave drooling (he's watching the telly and looking over my shoulder) your lot are very good trying different food - your flower descriptions are the same as mine hehe! I have learned from the clever ladies on t'internet what's what ps I do like your knitted kimono x x x

  6. The pictures of the flowers are so beautiful, and Belle reminds me of my own fluffy ones: Vanilla and Marshmallow.