Friday, August 8, 2014

Birthdays, Biscuits, Beige and Baking.

It's been an eventful time lately, full of exam results, new jobs, bugs, birthdays and work prep (because the holidays are over on the 18th  (NNOOoooo......!!!!!)  So not a lot of Blogging and a whole lot of....

Busy in Beige!

So, first of all I've decided to dispense with Eldest and Youngest and they will now be known by their actual real human names of:  Eldest = Bets and Youngest = Cat.  Much better!!

And Cat passed her Highers with great grades and made me so proud I made biscuits!

This is such an easy recipe and omigiddyaunt they are so tasty.  Which is why by the time I took this photo there were hardly any left and I had to get all arty and make a mini  pile...!

And then of course we had Cat's 17th Birthday.
Can't believe it...

 She got up early enough to open her presents before her Dad went to work, then swiftly went straight back to bed leaving a bombsite behind her!

 My very first attempt at Carrot Cake.  Made at midnight...  Time management's still not quite mastered!

 And so breakfast in bed for the baby in the family.  The 17 year old baby!

And in honour of this lovely neutral, beige and brown coloured post I feel obliged to match.  In my extreeeemely old trousers.  I just don't understand people that dress in the latest fashions and update their wardrobe every season.  Total madness.  If you like it, keep it and wear it, that's what I say!

Must admit I feel very beige though....!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Happy 17th to Cat, and congratulations on the great Highers results! I think you need to get on the next series of Bake-Off, Wendy, your biscuits and carrot cake look fab!
    I'm no great fan of beige, I must confess, but I am a firm believer in keeping clothes for years if you love them, and wearing them often. xxx

  2. Happy birthday to Cat!! Nice looking cake, oh and the biscuits looked pretty yum too!

  3. Happy Birthday to Cat and lots of congratulations, too.
    Your baking looks really good.
    Yes, you're spot on - buy what you love and you'll never get bored with your wardrobe. x

  4. Mmm... any of the those biscuits left?!

  5. Happy Birthday Cat … well done on the great grades.
    Birthdays are a great excuse to eat cake … not that I really need an excuse … and that one looks yummo!!

  6. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Those biscuits look seriously good.