Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday shopping...

I wonder if it's worth going between three different places for your shopping on a Sunday, when you'd much rather be sat at home watching Eastenders and eating crisps... First stop was B&M for dry goods, juice, soap etc, then Lidl for fruit and veg, then Morrisons for the little extras.  Took me ages, and in total came to about £60.  Oh please let it be worth it.  Let it save me money this week (cos there's not much left to last me til next weekend!)

Quite a busy week coming up so I need to be organised and have a menu:

Monday - Lidl ready meals for 3 cos I'm off out! Reduced to 99p each and decent ingredients too.
Tuesday - Gammon steaks, pineapple, chips and peas.  Needs to be quick as R's off to the camera club and I've got friends coming over.
Wednesday - Pepper and tomato risotto.  E's working so I'll make it after lunch so she can have hers in her break.
Thursday - Pizza for the girls as R and I are off to a wedding.
Friday - Spaghetti, meatballs and tomato sauce, before C goes to her piano lesson.
Saturday - Baked potatoes with egg mayonnaise and salad.
Sunday - Sausage casserole with potatoes and veg.
Back up meal - Sweet and sour stir-fry.

Should work if I stick to it!

So Saturday I spent ironing and Sunday I spent shopping and washing my couches.  I'm a strange woman cos I quite enjoyed it and feel nice and organised for my week ahead!

Be back soon.


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