Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poppodoms and Pasties!

I don't understand why I'm not rich and rolling in money...!  Popppodoms for tomorrow night's curry down from £1.79 to 50p, and not a broken one in the packet.  And tonights' tea, pasties and mini steak pies reduced to, wait for it, 30p for 3 steak pies and the pasties were silly money as well (don't remember the exact price!)  Really happy with that considering all I've bought this week are vegetables.  Just need to make sure I get time to cook and don't stray from my menu.

Now for a reminder of one of my bargains from months ago!
My gorgeous 50p scarf that I wear aaaall the time.

It's silky and has butterflies in all different colours so it goes with anything.  Love it.

And now to my reading list, as I dream of watching less tele and becoming an avid reader of all kinds of books... And I will become that woman once X Factor, Strictly, the Bake Off, Masterchef and Wife Swap go off the tele forever!

Since taking these photos I've read Queen of the Big Time.  Best book I've read in years.  I just love Adriana Trigiani.  I first read her when I was holed up in a freezing tent during the Wickerman Festival... Damp, smelly, desperate for the loo and needing a clean toilet, I lay reading Lucia Lucia, set in a beautiful part of Italy, surrounded by gorgeous.  Will never forget it.

Well, off I go for a bath, but will be back soon!

Wendy x

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