Saturday, May 3, 2014

Holidays and Elephant Heaven.

Woohoo Long Weekend!  Spring's rapidly turning into my favourite Season; buds, sunshine and plenty of holidays, what could be better?

This morning I had a lovely, very self-indulgent lie-in.  Eldest child needed a lift, so her Dad kindly dragged himself out of bed to run her, while I just lay there like a right lazy mare, and it was heavenly.  The sun wasn't shining, but it wasn't pouring and freezing either, so I just enjoyed looking out the window,  listened to the birds fighting, and happily just emptied my brain between dozing.  You know that state you get into when you're only lightly sleeping but you're dreaming as well?  Two very strange dreams this morning, involving hillclimbing and getting lost.  No idea!

My house is exam central just now.  Youngest is sitting five Highers (A levels), and Eldest has three end of year Uni exams.  All in May.  On top of that I have my very first end of Module essay due in on the 12th.  At least it's only one though; poor girls!  So there's lots of stress, a fair bit of narky sister whingeing, and a poor bloke stuck in the middle. Happy Days!

Blummin' brilliant charity shop find today!

£3.99 of Elephant heaven.  I'm so glad the old lady in front of me couldn't think of anywhere to put it and had to go away and think about it... Hahahaha, her loss!

Two of my favourite things that never fail to make my heart sing:

I treated myself to Aldi tulips (cos at £1.35 they're a very pretty bargain), and a much needed cuppa after a busy afternoon enjoying myself.

And speaking of enjoying myself, I am determined to finish this book:

A tale of people drowning and unimaginable tragedy, with the odd happy ending tied in... Honestly, such a good book, that I've been reading for far too long, so will definitely finish this week....

One other book that's been getting far too much of my attention in my opinion:

Actually I should be very grateful to Stella Cottrell, she's made me realise that it's good to draw really pretty mindmaps in the name of constructive studying...

And having taken the advice of my fellow bloggers that are taking the time to comment on this here teeny tiny Blog (wowser!), I am taking baby steps towards wearing more than just jeans out in public.  Skirts here we come and I'm loving it.

From top to toe I'm dressed from Charity Shops here.  Cardigan £1.50 from CASE.  Skirt £1.50 from CASE.  £1 necklace from Ayrshire Hospice and Boots £3 from CASE.  Why buy new?  The skirt is a Next Petite that would have cost at least £25 and the card is a Betty Jackson from Debenhams, at least £25 I reckon.  It pays to root through the rails!

So now I'm gonna pour myself a glass of wine and watch Howls Moving Castle with my eldest, while my hubby snores away quite peacefully beside me at only 8.30pm.  Poor bloke, must be all that exam stress...!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. LOL ... he must be tired because he didn't get a sleep in ;0)

  2. Your outfit matches the elephant vase - lovely earthy tones! xxx

    1. Lol! I didn't even notice I was dressed like an elephant vase! x

  3. Love that elephant pot, isn't it great? I never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to dress really well at a fraction of the cost of the high street - charity shopping rocks! Why doesn't everyone do it? Oh well - their loos, our gain! Hurray for skirts and soft warm colours and groovy jewellery.
    Hope the revision is going OK for all of you. Exam stress is tough, especially when it's multiplied! xxx

    1. I can just imagine that poor old lady going back ten minutes later, all set to stick it in her porch... and I've run off with it! The revision's bearable as long as we're all in separate rooms and the kettle's permanently on! x

  4. What a bargain the elephant pot is! isn't it fab, I bet you were chuffed! I hope the revision goes well, it is such a stressful time and I feel for you all, enjoy your lie-ins (when you can!) your outfit looks great x x x

    1. I was sooo chuffed, just love a bargain! And yep, just a bit stressful, would hate to be a teenager again, poor things! x

  5. Isn't it wonderful how some little tchotchke brought home from a shop can make us feel like Royalty? Yes, Dear Wendy, let's put on dancing dresses and get out of the house much more often!!!!! Cheers! XXXOOO

  6. You snooze you loose, so the old dear who had to go away and think obviously was snoozing and loosing while you were scoring a might fine pot!! What are you studying?? I have been neglecting a book I was reading so I tucked myself up in bed last night and read until 1am this morning. Lucky I don't work on Mondays!! Go you with the wearing of skirts!!!! PS I too love tulips and a good cuppa.

  7. Ooh, what book are you reading that would keep you up til 1am, must be good! I'm studying for a BA in Childhood Practice, started in January, only have three years to go.... will fly in...! x