Monday, May 5, 2014

Who's The Most...?

When your children start growing up, when they start to spread their wings and life at home is just a part of their life, and no longer the centre of their universe, it can become quite challenging as a parent.  And it's very hard to come to terms with as well!

When you plan to have a family what do you imagine?  You imagine toddlers, plastic toys, car seats and caravans don't you?  Not for a minute, when you're knocking back your Folic Acid, do you think of them taller than you, eating you out of house and home, and wandering in in the small hours.  Doesn't occur to you!

My precious girls are 16 and 19 and my absolute world.  I adore them, I love that they are growing up to become happy, funny, confident and cheeky young ladies with so very much to look forward to and enjoy. And I also love the fact that I'm getting just a bit more time to myself and am able to wander off to a car booty with Robbie on a Sunday morning without two whining girls in the back seat!  But, with that comes a dilemma:  What can you do with them?  Where can you go?  What can you offer to draw them away from their laptops and social life?  Well, in our case the answer is simple:  Take them out to eat!

We're on a budget and a pretty strict one at that, so eating out is just an occasional treat and so we make the most of it.  And I'm a planner.  And an organiser.... So, last night off we went to Mono, our favourite Vegan and Vegetarian super relaxed and super yummy cafe/restaurant.  And in I went with a plan for a table game... If I didn't steer it, poor Robbie wouldn't get a look-in conversation wise and I'd be up the creek when the subject of YouTube and Instagram came up....!

So the game was this:  Go round the table and take turns asking the question:  Who's the most....?  Then put your case forward and at the end take a vote.  Ohmygiddyaunt, never again!

Who's the most selfish:  Eldest (me a close second!)
Who's the most likely to get married first:  Youngest (eldest full of questions....!)
Who's the most likely to move abroad:  Youngest (nooooo!!!!!)
Who's the most likely to make a million:  Me (hahahahaha, I wish!)
Who's the most organised:  Me (This was so close, we were all desperate to win, what does that tell ya?!)
Who's the funniest:  Eldest (Dad second)
Who's the most arrogant:  Youngest (but in a good way, obviously!)
Who's the most motivated:  Dad (Mum second.  Come on girls, keep up!)
Who's the prettiest:  Eldest (Youngest didn't want to be...!)
Who's the most grateful:  Me (No competition with my background!)

Oh my the list went on and on and Dinner passed in a blur of garlic mushrooms and burrito's.  It was such a good night and as the list above confirms, it made me so very very grateful for my beautiful little family that I love so very very much.

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. We ate at Mono last year. I loved it! I didn't have any, but I was impressed that seitan was on the menu, doesn't appear in most places.

  2. Ahh, that is very heart-warming! You are a lovely family, and your girls are gorgeous.
    There's obviously a maternal gene missing in me - I am looking forward to the day my lot all move on up and out, and it's years off yet! xxx

    1. Trust me, there are days when the neighbours shut their windows to shut out the sound of screaming from my house! We love each other but we also fight like cats and dogs! The photos are from our holiday last year. Holiday faces.... the best kind! x

  3. We go whenever we can, I've never been disappointed with any of the food. Just makes me want to go home and cook it! x

  4. I certainly hear you on coming to terms with your kiddies growing up. I used to have a little boy that followed me everywhere ... arms outstretched ... always wanting a cuddle with Mummy. Now I have a 16 year old ... who's rarely home ... and generally in his bedroom with headphones on if he is.
    It's that sobering moment when you realise their mates take priority ... and they do indeed have a life that does not necessarily include you ... boo hoo ;0)

    1. And it's just not fair!! Saying that I don't think they ever really stop needing you do they? Eldest only half an hour ago stood up and shouted "hug me!" Oh, okay then! x

  5. Who has the most gorgeous family? You do!

  6. What beautiful girls!! I remember going through a patch when my sons got to a point where they really didn't need me in their lives, as in the angst of a teenager years. I was a mess to tell the truth, but accepted that I had to let them go and that was hard. I had been the one from birth reduced to a smaller part in their lives. This didn't last long and we have a great relationship. I am their mum first and their mate second, we laugh alot, and they take me out to lunch and stuff every so often. At 21 and 19 they are still happy to hang with mum in public, yay for me. I just hope they marry girls that 'get' me or I am in deep dodoes!!

    1. Looking forward to the being taken out to lunch bit! And don't they say that boys marry girls just like their Mum anyway? So, you'll be sorted, you'll get on like a house on fire! x

  7. We have found that eating out is the best way to get them talking too! though we can't do it very often either it still a lovely time (even if the phones are still on the table!) your girls are gorgeous! you are all gorgeous! and yes it is difficult letting them go, my eldest is 19 but I still have an 11 and 12 year old and I do find now and again I dare to think of me and the Mr actually having a holiday, on our own! and I find that so exciting! I think with daughters though, they never really go away, my 19 year old still has 'I need a Mum cuddle' moments! x x x

    1. Same here, love them but could happily do a holiday without them! I totally get the phones of the table bit by the way, we banned them on Sunday night and it was like we'd asked them to chop an arm off! x