Monday, May 26, 2014

No hurry at the Wee Hurrie

I live in a beautiful part of Scotland.  Not being a local (coming originally from Kent), I've never taken my surroundings for granted, I know it's gorgeous, I get out to various pretty bits very often, and I'm always a better person for coming home from an encounter with Nature.  Tis a great healer I believe.

But the weather!  No wonder it's so green in this neck of the woods, it rains sooo much!  If we sat about waiting for a dry day we'd never go anywhere.  So yesterday Rob and I took a run to Troon for chips in the rain.  Was fab.

 The plan was chips... But how can you just get chips when faced with a menu like this?  Hake it was!

 Such an unassuming looking place, right on the Harbour, so the fish jumps out the sea straight into my polystyrene box...

 Yum.  My car still smells fishy today, makes me want to go back and get something else for tonights dinner.

 These starlings sat on the bin the whole time we were there.  They patiently waited for people to drop their boxes in then repeatedly divebombed until they broke in and got their treats!  Was great to watch!

 So while we were eating this was our wet and rainy view.  Even in the rain it's gorgeous, I could have sat there all day.  Plenty to see, hundreds of gulls, not one interested in my chips thankfully.
 And then, just as I munched my last chip the rain stopped, marvellous.  Time for a walk!

 Giant Lego.  I so clearly work with kids....
We walked for about an hour (suffering for it today...) and just as we got back to the car it started raining again.  I love it when that happens, it feels like it's stopped just for you!

I have two teenagers that are of the selfie generation, their gorgeous big eyes stare out of every social media thingy. They weren't impressed by mine and Rob's attempts....  Can't take him anywhere...

Was a great day and cost less than a tenner.  Who needs Spain!!  (wouldn't mind actually!)

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. It looks gorgeous despite the rain! You can't beat chip shop chips, can you? Its a rare treat for us when we've worked a long day and are starving.
    Love the photo! xxx

  2. What a gorgeous place - you're so right, if you wait for the rain to stop, you might never go anywhere in the UK!
    Think I'd have pushed the boat out and gone for the Fritto Misto. Great last pic! xxx

  3. Yummo ... I love fish and chips ... specially with chicken salt ... do you have it over there?
    I don't want to rub it in ... but it's been sunny for weeks here ... just saying ;0)

  4. Heyyyy. We went out for fish and chips last night, too!!! No rain, though. I wish!!!! Wee Hurrie. What a fabulous name and what fabulous country!!!

  5. Oh Wendy I do like the selfie at the end of your post, me and TOF did a selfie when we went to the beach on Sunday. You live in a beautiful spot, just all gorgeous, even if it has been raining. I agree with you on feeling better after being out and about with mother nature. She really does lift your mood. I have never traveled out of New Zealand but if I ever do it is your neck of the woods I would go. TOF has relatives in Ireland so we would have to do the UK. I would be photo happy with all the lush countryside and the history.

  6. We have to get out too, can't rely on the weather can we! it's true, we'd never leave the house! fish and chips by the sea is always the best fish and chips ever! and I love the pics, I love pics by the sea, very calming and yay for selfies! I've become terrible for them, I'm always at it x x x

  7. Ooooh it's hard to beat fish and chips by the sea. Hmm, the thought is making me hungry. Selfies are just something else to reinforce I'm no longer as young as I once was. Boo, hiss. I lack the talent and either miss my face entirely or take a stunning photo of right up my nose. Sx

  8. Hi Wendy, what a lovely blog, I have just followed you. Looks like you had a great day, good for you for making the most of your surroundings - too many people fail to see what's on their doorstep.