Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wearing a toilet roll....

The answer has become clear.  Now I know exactly why I work with children.  For their honesty, that's why!  You see, sadly my neck is taking a while to get better and my doc has decided I should try out a collar (hate the bloody thing!).  And the first thing one of the children asked?  "Why are you wearing a toilet roll Wendy?"  Brilliant!!  And he's right, that's exactly what it looks like...

Gawd I look gorgeous...
No dwelling on this turn of events though; positive thoughts, positive mental attitude and all that.

Weather's been pretty atrocious on the days I've been more mobile but I've more or less stuck to the dress and skirt wearing mission and, if I'm not in a skirt I'm still making an effort to do the pretty thing.   Definitely raises the spirit I have to say!

There you go Connie, a post with my face all over it...  Before you know it I'll work out how to put up Robbie's tripod!

And let me think, what else have I been up to?  Well, there's been a marathon session with the boxset of "Rome"... oh how I love that naughty Mark Anthony!  Finished my shipwreck book and am now moving onto "Laidlaw" as I was at a book reading by the author a few months ago and he was fascinating, such an interesting man.  Hope his book meets my expectations, am expecting great things!

Have spent plenty of time watching Robbie do the gardening and youngest do the ironing.  And ohmygiddyaunt I passed my first Uni module with a "C".  Go me!  Maybe I can do this Degree without giving myself a nervous breakdown after all!

Just had a "Saturday Night Fever" and Bee Gees night with wine, nibbles and a snoring husband beside me, who dared to suggest it was a bit boring and he couldn't help falling asleep.  He slept through John Travolta... I don't know what to say.  So disappointed.

And anybody seen the film Gregory's Girl from the 80s?  The main character whose name totally evades me, has written a book and I'm off to meet him at his book signing tonight.  Quite looking forward to it!

3 weeks til the end of term...  Countdown time!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Oh no, what a nightmare! Still, I'm glad operation looking fabulous is progressing well - two gorgeous outfits there! xxx

  2. Oh yikes, poor you!

    Looking very cute in those outfits, I especially like the first one.

  3. Oh dear ... those collar things always look as if they'd be so uncomfortable ... but you've gotta do what you've gotta do ... hope the neck improves soon.
    Your outfits look lovely ... I can't pick a favourite :0)

  4. Well, John Gordon Sinclair if you don't look cute in your dresses! Thanks for the head shot. I didn't mean to be so bossy but you have such a pretty face. It is John Gordon Sinclair isn't it? So funny. I was taking a film class back in the day and he came to speak to the class about a year after Gregory's Girl came into the theatres. I don't know what he looks like now but I thought he was pretty cute back then, very funny and charming. You know, your toilet roll is actually like a nice cozy turtle neck and my first thought when I saw it was "Lucky Wendy. That thing will probably prevent wobbly turkey neck when she is older." You'll have a nice elegant ballerina neck, fabulous posture and a pain free spine! XXXOOO Hey, Wendy, thank you so much for the nice comment on my last post. This gun stuff makes me go Crazy!!!!

  5. I hope you are getting comfort from your uncomfortable looking foam choker (this would be haute couture in Vogue) I really do hope your neck gets better pronto, you are remaining fabulous in your awesome outfits. Husbands/other halves do complain a fair bit when we are we are concentrating a lot on good films, Gladiator really seems to annoy Mr F a lot hehe, I know Russell Crowe may be all sweaty and fit/hot in it, but really! x x x

  6. What a fabulous loo roll you are wearing!! You know you may start a trend!! Hope you get better soon. I am currently getting physio for my back and neck, I don't like the crunching but I love the massaging! You are doing very well with the frocks and skirts, woo hoo for you!!