Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello Holidays!

Hello and happy holidays to me!  A new woman will be blogging for the next six weeks for I am onto day four of me hols and already feel fabulous.  I've not exactly been rushed of my feet since finishing work (why on earth...?) I've just been enjoying.

Enjoying the chocolate, flowers and generally lovely pressies I got on the last day of term, gawd I love that bit of my job!

Good job I love flowers!

And I've enjoyed a little bargain hunting in the charity shops too...

The cookbook cos I have a teeny tiny food budget...  The tops were £1.50 each and are luuurrvely, and the sandals are Hush Puppies and cost me a massive £3.  Ugly as hell, but sooo comfy it's like wearing noisy clip cloppy slippers!

And I got two lovely little gifts from special friends.  I'm such a lucky thing!

 A begonia from my friend Alice cos I was good enough to go and listen to her choir.  Was a great night, didn't require any kind of payment, but I was hardly going to refuse it.  It's gorgeous!

Hahahaha, did a car booty with a friend, made a loss of £4.50, so my friend gave me a vase off her stall for nothing to cheer me up.  Never again will I do a cary booty, never made a penny in me life.  Rubbish.

Oh.  Oh.  And then I bought a bag for £1.
Came home, realised I really didn't like it, it weighed a ton and had a chainlink handle, so, I thought I'd adapt it, turn it into a knitting bag, hacked the handle off and stuffed it.
Then guess what I saw????
The same bloody bag for £65 in a posh gift shop.

Nice knitting bag though...

Anyway... here's to the next few days for me...

 Lying on my swing, reading my book...

 Then moving onto this lot...

 Whilst patting this bundle of adorable fluff, and...

Drinking lots of this.  The cheapest plonk in Aldi's.  Needs must...

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. You deserve a good break, and all those beautiful flowers, Wendy! Happy holidays indeed - plenty of reading and wine sounds about right. Shame about the car boot, but you made me laugh about the bag! If you don't like it, you'd never have used it and it's better off being a knitting bag! xxx

  2. That is actually a very nice cheer up vase. I like it. And your bit of fluff. Very cute. You know, I'm probably the only American who has never read "The Color Purple." What do you think? Should I bother? Such lovely photos, Wendy. I hope you're feeling better.

  3. Enjoy the sunshine, the reading, the rest and relaxation and the wine!! Just remember to send Summer back down here to us in the southern hemisphere in a couple of months, pretty over Winter!!!

  4. Hahaha the wine box looks familiar! Little dog and good book, really what more does a human need? Enjoy your holidays, it must be amazing to have such a long stretch off, although I don't doubt you have earned it with such a busy job.

  5. Have a lovely break! That knitting bag looks ace and if you didn't use it the way it was I can't see the harm in adapting and using it! Cheers! xxx

  6. Lot's of chilled plonk and a good rest! all sounds very well deserved you know, isn't it lovely to receive so many gifts, there are more flowers at your house than at Elton John's, you are clearly a well loved woman and a genius ladybird costume maker too! x x x