Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pitlochry, Banana Loaf and a Pretty Skirt.

So I woke up one morning and the holidays were over...  Tomorrow I'm back at work...  Oh gawd that was far too quick if you ask me!

I feel fabulously refreshed and relaxed, am suitably topped up with wine and cake, my little body has adjusted perfectly to going to bed too late (okay, I admit it, a little tipsy occasionally...), and getting up much later than y'would on a school day....  So I have a feeling I'm gonna be a zombie by Wednesday.

But it was a brilliant holiday and I I loved it.  And we managed to squeeze in a couple of days in Pitlochry too.  Farbulous!

 The swanky lounge full of board games, comfy couches, a big fire (obviously a necessity in Scotland in August...) and the biggest playroom the dog has ever had!

 The gorgeous staircase.  Felt like a laaaady walking down them!

 The Pine Tree Hotel in Pitlochry.  You should visit, you really should.

 On the way home we stopped off at the Wallace Monument.  Robbie and I climbed up to see it while the girls and the dog read in the car.  Yes really.  They were so lazy and my dog can apparently read.

 I remember when my children were smaller than me....

 And here we have Bets and Belle looking for the fish at the salmon ladder.  Nothing to be seen, not a bean (or a fish).

 I literally had to pay them to pose for this pic.  Not keen on having their photos taken, and I have no idea why cos they're blummin' gorgeous!

 This was a lovely little pub by the Festival Theatre.  Iced Tea and Carrot Cake.  Yum.

The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in this part of Scotland.  And I am so very blessed.

We got home a couple of days ago and since then I've been doing the last minute stuff to prepare for work, and trying very hard to just stay in the moment and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

And so I baked.

 My great big recipe book.

 Line with greaseproof paper?  Can't be bothered with all that palava, always use a reusable tray liner that I can just wash and use again.  Much easier.

 Much prettier than two black bananas!

 And here I present tomorow's dinner!  Quorn pieces at £1.49 from Aldi, 4 carrots, a courgette and some frozen peas.  Add in a jar of Tikka sauce (if you're lazy like me), throw in a tin of tomatoes and pop in the fridge for a day.  Serve after a knackering first day back at work with brown rice and get someone else to wash up.  That's tomorrow sorted!

And now for some advice please!

I've acquired this skirt from Cat and quite like it.  But I have no idea what the heck to wear with it apart from my comfort black.  Any suggestions?  I feel myself moving back into my comfort zone just now as I'm struggling to work out what to put with what.  So suggestions please!  I've a few things like this so I might ask again...!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Pitlochry looks beautiful, and what a lovely hotel - I like the combination of posh yet homely!
    You have a very photogenic family, I wonder why they are camera shy? Keep taking photos of them, they'll get over it!
    Mmm, banana cake, delicious, and tomorrow's tea is looking good too.
    The skirt - well, I always like red with black and white, but I think you could wear any bright coloured top with this for a bit of oomph - coloured tights too! And how about showing of your figure with something more fitted on top, a shirt maybe? Have a play with it! xxx

  2. What a striking hotel. Had never thought of putting a non-stick liner in the loaf tin, I've got loads of those cake tin liners to use up but when they're gone I shall be pinching your tip, saw them in the £1 shop today. I agree with Curtise, red with B&W is always a winner or maybe mustard yellow? (although it's not a colour that suits everyone) Some statement jewellery could add colour too, get down those chazza's!

  3. I think that is the banana cake recipe I use! I also slice black banana's up and freeze for smoothies or cooking cake at a later date. If your skirt is black and white, which it looks, you can wear any colour tops with it from cobalt blue to red to orange to green, it will certainly lift it! x

  4. I have been known to bribe my lads for a photo or two, sad buggers! I love the photos of the place you stayed in and the castle building?! I use the very same cook book, I like the word 'easy', my type of baking!! Now as for the skirt, wear any gorgeous bright colour you have.

  5. Pitlochry looks fabulous, I only know it as a knitwear place, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Isn't that hotel spectacular?
    Its amazing how many of my mates become camera shy when theres a possibility they might end up on my blog.
    That's my favourite cookbook, too.
    I agree with both Fiona & Curtise, mustard yellow would lift that skirt and you need to show off your figure. xxx

  6. My kids seem to like have their photos taken … most of the time … I think this age of selfies and snap chat and instagram has sorted them out.
    The skirt is lovely and being black and white you could wear absolutely any colour with it … turquoise would be great :0)

  7. What a lovely town, so many wonderful buildings!

  8. Your girls are gorgeous, just like their Mama!
    Pitlochry looks so lovely, the hotel is totally fabulous - your banana cake looks delicious and your curry too! and a fitted top which could be any colour for the skirt, it's a pretty skirt and will lend itself wonderfully! x x x