Saturday, September 6, 2014

Work, Wine and a Wonderful Pressie!

Oh well, I suppose the feeling wasn't going to last forever was it?  I'm knackered!!  Back to work, back to the usual, busy, daily routine...  But at least I enjoy my job and I'm happy to be back (kind of!)

Life's returned to normal - lots of children....

 Lots of paperwork...  wahay! 

 A shopping list I never remember to take to the shop...
A YES adorned handbag and workbag that get trailed everywhere....
And the diary, the post and the paperwork that I missed oh so very much during the Summer...!

At home however...
 The campaign for independence ends in two weeks and is taking up every spare minute of Robbie's time.  Between canvassing, delivering papers, manning the stalls, tweeting the message, attending meetings, it's so full on.  Very exciting too!

But the domestic drudgery doesn't do itself does it?

 I hate ironing.  Loath it.
First pic:  weeks and weeks worth...  Took me an afternoon!
Second week:  Not so bad!  Wine and a watching dog.  Almost bearable...

On the food front:

 Check out my great big homegrown courgette sat beside the piddly supermarket one.  Still eating it!
And this was my baking.  Went to take a photo but it had been demolished.  Oh well, they must have liked it.

But the biggest treat of all?
Robbie's friend Malky McCormick (very famous caricaturist), drew us a picture!

Most prized possession ever.  Will be grabbed in the event of a fire even before my dog...!
And this was done simply out the kindness of his heart and his love of my hubby's company.  What a man!

Now off I go to check out some Blogs after far too many weeks away!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. I hate ironing too, but at least you did it. I wouldn't have, I might have drunk the wine but that ironing pile would still be there. Oh and I write lists that inevitably get left behind so I relate to you on that one. That caricature is fabulous, keep it near the dog in case of fire tho, I would hate to think the dog got left behind!!

  2. Ha, I always forget my lists too!
    Love the caricature, and yes, wine makes the ironing more bearable - think I will follow your example later! xxx

  3. My lists always get left on the kitchen table, too! I don't mind a spot of ironing, I love bringing my vintage stock back to life after I've bought it ad washed it. Jon does his own, I do mine.
    Great caricature. xxx

  4. Wine-oring/ ironwining - quite right, it's the only way - I need to do lists too, I'm blooming awful, everything swims in my head, not useful at all! great courgette and caricature! x x x

  5. I loathe ironing too … positively loathe it. Love the picture though … it's fabulous :0)