Sunday, November 9, 2014

Parsnips and Poppies.

When there's only three for dinner, buy a bag of parsnips:

 3p a portion.  Doubt I'll ever be this cheap again so have photographic evidence.

 Boil the living daylights out of them.

 And produce a lovely blended parsnip soup that your hubby loves, you quite like, and your youngest tolerates...

 Then settle down to watch one of your new dvd's.
Grand sum of a quid each from the charity shop.
(I chose the Lake House....  Rubbish!!)

 After feeling so good about your bargain, bugger off to Glasgow the next day...

 Promise eldest a big breakfast and watch her leg it down the stairs in record time for a Sunday...

 Admire the quirky bits no bobs while yer waiting.

 Then tuck into a gorgeous big Sunday breakfast.
Cos you're worth it after having a 3p tea the night before...

 Then dash back home just in time for the White Poppy Ceremony.

 Where lots of like minded people went to lay a wreath and take a moment together.

 In the glorious setting of the local library.

On a beautiful Autumn day.

Then rush home to your beautiful new washing machine.
It's true love!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. I like a spicy parsnip soup; but I like a big breakfast that someone else has cooked even more!
    It's interesting to see that white poppies are still a "thing"; I remember wearing one years ago (the 1980s probably) and I always much preferred them to the red ones, they have a more peaceful vibe while still showing respect and remembrance. xxx

  2. That breakfast looks delicious … but then so does your parsnip soup … and what a bargain :0)

  3. Ooooh that new washing machine feeling! and the lovely relaxation that it won't break (or is that me, haha! I feel like everything has broken in the last few months) the food looks delicious, I'm coming round! and I've never heard of the white poppy (I'll have to look it up) x x x