Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Power of Music. I'm Being Transported Back to the Eighties...!

Am sat here listening to my 100 80's songs CD, having done all the menial boring jobs that are required of a Sunday, after a week of work.  Reality's rubbish!

Am being transported back to my teens.  Remembering the Bucks Fizz classic that had me dancing round my bedroom in 1981...  Reminiscing about my lifesize Paul Young poster and the boy I fancied down the street that had hair just like him...  Dancing in the kitchen to "I think We're Alone Now", just like I did when it came out, only this time I was doing a pile of dishes and had a pinny on...  And remembering actually walking down Electric Avenue with my walkman belting out the song of the same name.  Powerful stuff is music I'm sure you'll agree.

I've loved music all my life and am very lucky to be married to a bloke that's obsessed with it.  The girls just love it when they mention an artist they've just discovered, whether an old or new act, and their Dad can pop through and bring them their whole back catalogue from the CD cupboard. Eclectic is the word.... 

Since cancelling our TV licence something has happened.  Something I wasn't expecting.  Something I'd completely forgotten about.  Books and music!  Goodness the tele box can suck time out of your day like a very powerful hoover....  And so the CDs have been getting played aplenty and the long forgotten lyrics have returned.  Must be good for the brain to suddenly realise you remember every single word of Tainted Love even though you haven't heard it for years, especially considering you don't remember what you had for breakfast...

I didn't have a good childhood by any means.  In care, adopted, abused, bloody awful...!  And I've made a discovery, I've come to the conclusion that the brain is my favourite organ of all.  No bad memories are connected with a single song from my teens - every single song makes me feel good, brings back a good feeling, takes me back to a specific time or moment that was good.  Weird? Probably!  A particular quirk with my brain?  Probably!  Do I care?  NO!!!

Robbie and I have passed our love of music onto our girls thank God and they are frequently off to gigs, constantly downloading, singing, playing, sharing and enjoying.  They're going to grow old with the most brilliant memories of songs from their childhood, all attached to memories that will last forever.  Does tele do that?  Course it doesn't!

So I have my first conclusion of this post.  Best thing I ever did was cancel my TV licence.  So there!

So all this time to think about the old me back in the 80s has got me thinking about the older, slightly wiser me.  The one that has gradually, over time, become a little less confident, a little less brave, a little more introverted and quiet, (though quite happy with this I must add).  A homebird with a love of wine and a good film is no bad thing!

But a slight shift is a happening....  New friends, new causes, new interests, and an unaccustomed shot of confidence had me dressing up and going partying this weekend.  The second in a fortnight don't you know?  And if you knew me you'd know that this is quite a departure for me....

 Friends were most amused to realise I was just wearing my own clothes... 
A natural hippy!

 Elizabeth after a hard week...

 Can't take me anywhere!

Robbie getting mummified as you do on a Saturday night...

So my second conclusion:  After a lightbulb moment I have realised something.  I'm still the same girl I was in the 80s.  Bit older, bit creakier, but inside this little body is the exact same girl that was off to the disco at Woody's every Friday night.

I mustn't forget that.

What music brings back memories for you?  I'd love to hear!

Be back soon.

Wendy x


  1. The 90's dance music takes me back to my 40's - I was free and single again and had a brilliant time going to disco's dancing the night away but with more confidence than I had in my teens and my own car to go home in afterwards - life certainly began at 40 for me - good post sometimes we need a little reminder as to how far we've travelled - Enjoy your 80's cd xxx

  2. I remember the 80's like they were yesterday. And, yes, we're still the same people. Just, as you say, a little creakier.

  3. Music has the most amazing ability to evoke memories and emotions ... and eighties music is the best for this ... makes me nostalgic every single time.

  4. Oh yes, music instantly takes you back, and I can always remember lyrics too, though a lot of other stuff slips my mind... The 1980s were my young adult years, from 16-26, so they saw loads of change and excitement and drama! But I must say I have lots of memories and associations linked with the TV too; Top of the Pops, of course, and loads of kids' shows, soaps and series which I will always remember fondly.
    I'm glad you are feeling positive, Wendy, connected to the past but moving forward, happy where you are now despite a rough time back then. And we can always start afresh with our kids, can't we, do things differently for them? You always look so happy with Robbie and your girls, you have clearly created a wonderful family unit. And the family that sings 80s songs together, stays together! xxxx

  5. Music is soooo powerful. A certain song can just transport!! Oh those 80's. Every time my kids see a photo of me from the 80's they just laugh and laugh. I used a lot of hairspray. You get the picture. You look great as a natural born hippie.

  6. Aw, great post! I was thinking the other day as I walked round a charity shop and they had on a 70's COUNTRY song, how do I know every word if I've not heard it in 40 years? And never liked it then? I blame my parents and Radio 2.
    It's funny how songs can take you right back. I think it's as much about the feeling it reminds you of, as the music itself.
    You look FAB! xx

  7. Yep, music is fabulous, so evocative. You remember the words and where you were when you first heard the song but, like Curtise, many of the memories are linked with TV, too. Seeing the weird bloke I used to follow around town appear on Top Of The Pops as Boy George, the lead singer of Culture Club. Screeching "I used to go to school with him" when Jon appeared live on The Word back in 1990. xxx
    I love discovering new music, too.

  8. I get a little grumpy if I haven't listened to music, it's essential!! my brother and his fiancee lives near 'Electric Avenue' you have to sing it when you go past haha! I loved Paul Young, takes me back too and my goodness his hair was magnificent - I love how you describe we know all the words to these songs and don't remember what we had for breakfast, so true! x x x you look blooming amazing btw x x x