Thursday, February 14, 2013

A slipped disc and a snuggly cardi

Well this has taken much longer than I expected... What with a slightly painful slipped disc in my neck (understatement of the century!), and a total lack of energy due to a dose of painkillers that would knock out an elephant... taking photos has taken a bit of a backseat this month in favour of major tele time in front of hoarders, mad men and grey's anatomy.  Life's not all bad!

My neck problem's been ongoing for seventeen months now (!) and as a result I've seen major changes.  For starters, I've put on weight for the first time in my life (very unhappy about that one),  I've got less energy than I've ever had, I'm in chronic pain all day every day, I've stopped cooking, I do less housework, I go out less, I sleep more and I shop less.  Well that's a good one I suppose!

But the good thing is I've slowed down and when I do get a bargain I love it all the more!  These clothes by the way are my "new wardrobe".  I see myself wearing all this lovely stuff when I'm feeling better and am back on my feet again.  I cannot wait.

So, first of all my goijus Amarylis.  This has brought me no end of joy since I got it.  For Free.  It has given me two beautiful flowers and has been in both my living room and bedroom, giving me so much pleasure every day.  Just a shame I'm rubbish at taking pics and one of them has turned out yellow!

The other fab bargain I want to share is my chunky knit grey River Island cardigan.  This is rarely off my back.  I get very cold when I'm sitting around eating double deckers (instead of looking after my business and getting my emails read...)  I wear it with a super long scarf wound round me nineteen times, and oh my, tis lovely and warm.

Now down to business.  This little beauty cost me £2.00 in my most favourite charity shop, the Ayrshire Hospice.

Well that will do for now.  Am working tomorrow so need my beauty sleep, which will be followed by my early morning cuppa and weetabix in bed, courtesy of my lovely, long suffering hubby.

Be back soon!

Wendy x

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