Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's ridiculopothy!

So, as I said in my last post, the clothes that I've bought recently are all part of my new wardrobe.  The wardrobe that will feel and look fab, just in time for the better weather (well hopefully...) and me being fully recovered and feeling fit again.  I'm banking on this.  The surgery I'm getting is for cervical ridiculopothy, to give it its official name, and it has an 80% success rate.  Nothing to worry about... !

I've had incredible luck in the charity shops these last few months actually.  I can't believe some of the gorgeous clothes I've got for literally pennies.  Who in their right minds sells a beautiful silk monsoon skirt?  Even if it didn't fit I'd keep it just because it's so lovely!  This isn't good is it?  I wonder if I'll run out of wardrobe space soon...

For goodness sake how gorgeous is this?  I got it off eBay for £2.50 and the photos don't do it justice I'm afraid.  It's duck egg blue silk and is a lovely fit, woo hoo!  It sits on the waist and has a bit of a fifties feel.  Definately for summer though as it befits bare legs, sandals and a summery strappy top.  Can't wait.  Might just save it for Paris...!

And now onto my £1 bargain from my local Cancer Support shop.  I always look through the bargain rail, rarely finding anything as this shop doesn't move its stock very quickly and doesn't often have anything I fancy.  Couldn't resist this though as I liked the detail and had a feeling it would become a bit of a staple, with jeans, which are a very regular part of my wardrobe!

It's George from Asda, a size 8 and in excellent condition.  I've already worn it out for lunch and, being quite a loose fit it worked very well in hiding my expanding tummy!

Apologies for the poor focus.  Maybe, as time goes on with this little blog, I might get better at taking photos.  Either that or I could get my youngest to take them, seeing as she enjoys it and is doing it at school this year.  Wish I'd already thought of that!

So back to work tomorrow.  But first I suppose I should fold all the washing I've ignored all weekend!

Be back soon!


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