Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Bargains.

It was a beautiful day on Sunday here in sunny Ayrshire.  Imagine that, in February!  The light was so good that it sent me on a mission to take a pile of photos to save for future posts - and then I ran out - when the sun was still out (bummer!)  So, while contemplating, I was looking out my kitchen window and spotted Millie (free cat), rooting around in the bamboo (free cutting) and these sights were framed by my cucumber and melon seeds (proper bargain...!), and my 10p tin plant pot.  Get the theme yet?  Home Bargains!

This was 2ft tall when we got it about 5 years ago.  Now it's 4 times the size and is my favourite garden plant. I love it. Thank you Gordon my gardener friend! 

Introducing Millie the family cat.  We've had her for five years, having got her when she was just 6 months old.  A terror, but we love her anyway!  Again, free to a good home so thank you Sarah!  (I hope Millie agrees that it's a great home, not just a good one!)

Who knew you could grow melons in a cold climate?? I got these, plus cucumber seeds (with propogators) for just £1.50 each.  And they are yet to die (just don't look too closely at the back row...)!

6 precious cucumber seedlings.  I think I may love them more than my family, so besotted am I... (and very wrong to say such a thing...!)

TKMaxx for 10p.  Need I say more.

This is one of my kitchen shelves.  Look up the top and admire my £3 picture, some of my collection of monks bought all over the place (read, can't remember where), and some of our inherited china.  Love this shelf.

Now, I paid big bucks for this by my standards.  Robbie was aghast!  It was in the bargain bin in Next because the glass was missing.  £3.  I told ya.

Not everybody will get this, but I know I'm quirky so it's fine!  Two silver spoons, one tablespoon and one serving spoon.  Drumroll please.  10p each. They need a bit of a clean and a polish (as if!!) but I just love em.  So pretty. 
See you soon!

Wendy x

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