Friday, April 5, 2013

A little of what you fancy does you good.

My mighty long absence can only be down to one thing... post op recuperation, woohoo!!  Got my op on the 5th March, after getting a very short notice cancellation.  It went like a dream, I woke up pain free, and now I'm slowly recovering.  I'd like to also say patiently, but I can't...  I still can't type comfortably due to not being able to look up or down, get days when I feel I can conquer the world, swiftly followed by two days with the most awful bone ache, but am I complaining?  No siree!  Give me bone ache anyday, doesn't even compare to nerve pain!

I'm not able to drive for a few more weeks and so am being starved of any charity shops or car boot sales I'm afraid, but am not missing it a jot, don't have the energy yet!  Besides, I have quite an archive of photos to keep me going anyway.  So, today I'm gonna share some of my favourites things.  Like elephants!

I've had a thing for elephants all my life and have collections all over the house; ornaments, hangy things, fabrics, a teapot, bags, skirts... you get the idea.  I'm fussy though.  It has to have a lovely face!  Now this little beauty just spoke to me she really did.  I saw her, she saw me, it was love at first sight and then I ignored her, convinced that I had enough pretty little elephants already.  But every time I looked over, I swear she was watching me, with that cute homemade face that I just couldn't resist.  50p paid, and home she came.  Oh my, I love this little cutie, she's been sitting on my dvd player in my bedroom all through my recovery and we have a bond.  Really.

And now to my other love, bags!

A gorgeous jade green, like new, Next handbag for 50p.  Oh how I skipped out of the smelly, really not my favourite, and very rarely visited charity shop.  Takes my bag collection up to probably too many, but who cares!?!

And finally, my other favourite; costume jewellery.  Cheap and chips but can finish an outfit and add real individuality.  I've always struggled to display my favourite bits and pieces, but on one of our "£5 charity shop challenge days" with daughter number 2, I came out the resounding winner, with this £3.50 unique and rather amazing jewellery holder.  Behold.

I got it in the Salvation Army and I do believe that it could well be my most expensive charity shop purchase!  God I'm a skinflint!  I obviously thought it was worth it and I was right cos it's so unusual, quirky and very very me.  Worth every penny.

So, isn't it true, a little of what you fancy does you good.  Surround yourself with things you love, things that make you smile, and if they only cost £4 in total?  Even better!

Be back soon!

Wendy x

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