Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Swoon for Monsoon....!

I had such a lovely day yesterday, just loooovely.  First, I made it through a morning at work without completely exhausting myself (even though we had a crisis, a dent in a head, and a trip to the docs for one of the little uns, poor thing...)  By the way, I run a Nursery!

Then I had a friend and her gorgeous baby come for lunch, which was fab despite the fact she had to sit in a dirty pit of a house and eat from my empty cupboards... A true friend, never complained once!

And on top of all that I had time to pop into my favourite charity shop, and did I get some gorgeous new things?  You bet!  Photos to follow very soon of my 2 new scarves (one black with little butterflies and one emerald green), a David Emanuel coral pink top and a brand new, with tags, New Look cardigan that was originally £15 and I got it for 2.  If I could have skipped out the shop I would!

Today though.... Awful.  I overdid it at work, (though to be fair I think I maybe did a bit too much yesterday, looking back...) took to my bed to lie still for four hours, and now, at 9pm I'm finally able to use my hand.  Hate that my health is so bad just now.  Makes me miserable.

But not to worry, let's take a look at another of my latest acquisitions that barely dented my housekeeping!

One of the things I love about eBay is when someone takes rubbish pictures so gets no bids til I come along and take a chance!  This was 99p.  I know!  I can promise that the minute the weather stops me needing to wear thermals under my jeans, I'll be wearing this beauty.  It's, again, from Monsoon... I notice a theme starting, and I just can't help it because I absolutely love Monsoon stuff so sniff it out whenever I can.

It's very pale blue, a perfect length for me, nice and long, but not trailing 3feet behind me... (am only 4'11"...)  I think this skirt will go with just about anything so I know it'll be a regular wardrobe staple.

Followed neatly on by....

I'M GUTTED!  This was also an "eBay 99", is Monsoon, the most gorgeous deep burgundy, has jingly bits and is my dream skirt, seriously.  Oh to be 8 foot tall.... cos it's too big.  NOT FAIR!

I know I should re-auction it, but I'm going to look at it for a while beforehand cos it's so blindingly blummin beautiful.

Be back soon!


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