Monday, April 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink!

Gawd, I'm struggling a bit with this taking it easy.  I'm really trying but it's been 5 weeks since my op and I'm feeling so much better... It was much easier when I didn't feel like getting up and I actually enjoyed lying in bed watching dvds.  So a pattern seems to be forming and it's driving me mad - I feel wonderful one day, so I go for a walk or do a bit of paperwork, then I end up with a swollen scar and bone ache that leaves me lying in bed watching dvds... So frustrating and making me wonder how long exactly my recovery period's gonna be.

Breath, relax, read a book and chill out... It won't last forever.  (Read this back to yourself Wendy!)

Anyway, over to pretty things that will look lovely on me when I'm back on my feet and feeling my old self!

First, over to one of my "gorgeous til you try it on..." purchases.  Such a shame cos it's lovely, just not on me sadly!  This is a lovely David Emanuel coral top, in a lovely fabric, with some nice detail and really, I'm gutted. £1 from the Hospice shop, when it was having a half price sale, just love that!

Pink isn't a colour I wear very much at all, but when charity shopping you come across things you would walk past in m&s and I think that's a good thing.  This little t-shirt was brand new, with its tag, and cost me 50p, suddenly I love pink!  A basic t-shirt, but then not every day's a frilly one is it?!

Oh, I wish I had a figure like this mannequin...

Then I went and bought this cheeky little spotty number for me 'olidays!  Not at all sure what I think of this, I'll decide in the Summer when it's all warm and sunny and I'm in a foreign country where nowhere knows me! Or I'll wear it in the garden...! 

Finally to my very prettiest pink thing.  Me Cath Kidston make up bag that I just love love love.  I got this off eBay for a fiver cos it has a small stain on the inside.  Well I don't mind and I think it's perfect, yes I do.

So now I'm going to go and move nice and slooowly, making no sudden movements, while I cuddle down and watch Wife Swap Australia.  Cos I have to.  I'm recovering donchya know!

Be back soon!


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