Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm Back!

This is ridiculous.  I've been writing blogs for three years for work, and never have I left it for four months between posts!  So, a catch up:

Had my surgery, and now, six months later I'm a new woman.  Still ache a bit, get really tired and knackered, have another half a stone to lose and am still a bit restricted in what I can do.  But it doesn't matter, my operation was a success and it's only been six months.  Am feeling very lucky.

It's funny, when I was unwell, with such limitations to what I could do, I got plenty of time to pootle round the charity shops and look for bargains.  It was my way of winding down and didn't take too much energy. So now... not so much!  Six months of letting things build up, gathering dust and clutter, means I'm more focussed on cleaning out cupboards, decluttering and making life a bit easier for myself!

I've been gradually getting the house cleaned and tidied, am being ruthless in getting rid of anything we don't need, and am desperately trying to safe money in my weekly shop... not easy!

So for the forseeable future I'm going to record my housekeeping expenses on this here little blog.  Any bargains I happen to get (like tonights tea!), I'll post up here so I can revisit it and remind myself of the odd foody bargain!  Sounds good.  Let's see if I actually do it!

Be back soon!

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