Friday, June 6, 2014

When life just whizzes by...

So yesterday I was 44, and today my youngest went off to her Prom...  But that makes no sense whatsoever because it was only last week that I was 24 and having my first baby.  Life really is just racing by...

My baby will soon be seventeen.  In the blink of an eye she's gone from being a chubby, demanding, just ever so slightly grumpy baby, into a beautiful, happy, intelligent, positive young lady.  I couldn't be more proud.  Or more surprised...

As for me.  44?  Never saw that coming, but can't say it's that big a deal.  After all, my friend still sees me as a Fairy Princess...

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. I also think you're a fairy princess. And look at your beautiful daughter! I know it's cliche but they do grow up so fast. Sigh....

  2. Happy Birthday ... my babies are growing up too fast too ... it must be catching!!

  3. 44?? You are still so young. Wait til you hit the big five oh!! So much fun and I can talk you through it when the time comes!! Your daughter is gorgeous, 17 you say, my lads are 19 and 21.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY the fairy princess part goes without saying!!

  4. Happy Birthday! 44 ain't nothing, I've got three and a half years on you and still feel about 17! Your daughter is gorgeous! x

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! being a Fairy Princess is a wonderful thing! your daughter is such a beauty, it does whizz by doesn't it? I did think the spillages would have stopped by now though haha! mine spill everything! x x x

  6. Your daughter is so gorgeous! I know what you mean, the time flies by at an alarming rate - but 44 is nothing, I'm 50 this month! Hope you had a delightful birthday, Wendy. xxx

  7. Happy belated birthday Wendy! I'm going to be 44 next month. How on earth?!? x