Saturday, September 20, 2014

So Sad.

Friday the 19th of September.

These photos were taken yesterday when my girls were voting for their future. I can't look at them without crying because I know, I know for a fact, that they've been deprived of that hope, that promise, and that chance of a brighter future in an Independent Scotland.
These photos were taken yesterday when my darling husband Robbie stood for almost 24 hours in total, so hopeful of a Yes vote during referendum day. A vote that he and so many other campaigners have worked so very hard for.
It breaks my heart. If I could believe for one moment that Scotland would in any way be Better Together, I'd resign myself to this decision and be hopeful of the changes the Government promised. But I, and so many others, are not stupid. We know these changes won't come. We knew that before it was revealed today.
Robbie, my love, please don't give up the fight. You, and so many other wonderful people can do this. You can make it happen. You can make things better for our children. Just keep the faith.
Girls, don't lose hope. Change will come. It's just going to take longer than we'd hoped, and you just need to keep believing that there's a future for you that's brighter than what's about to come.
I don't want to believe any of what I'm hearing; that the vote was rigged, that David Cameron never ever intended for Scotland to be free, that the promised changes won't materialise. I don't want to because it makes it too hard to bear.
And I don't judge a single soul for their decision when they voted. This isn't about that, it's about Westminster. It's about the lies, the deception and the scaremongering. And potentially it's about the whole referendum being rigged.
I hope so much that one day we'll see a better future for this wonderful Country that I'm so very proud to call my home.

Be back soon.

Wendy x


  1. Oh Wendy, I was thinking about you and your family when I heard the result of the referendum, and felt very sad. There is clearly a great desire for constitutional change, so I hope that at least some of that happens. Sending much love. xxx

  2. Thanks Curtise. I was hoping I'd feel a bit better today but I don't. 45% of the country voted Yes, and yet everybody I've met is either devastated or in a state of shock. I feel so disappointed.

  3. From my side of the world I heard it was close. Then you should try again and again!!! You must keep trying when it is that close, it shows that change is very real.

  4. It was so close Sue, and I think that's what's making it hard to accept. Almost half the country are gutted, while the other half are realising that the promises and deals they were offered by the Govt are already being retracted. I'm living in a really unhappy Country today x

  5. I'm sorry Wendy. I was thinking of you when I heard the result on the news. If it's any consolation, history may look back on this as a step in the march toward progress. That the movement got this far scared a lot of people in power and there may be ripple effects from that.

  6. I think people are probably scared of change and taking that step into the unknown … don't give up.

  7. I'm so sorry you didn't get what you longed for. xx