Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unleash the Protest Beast but bring a Cosy Autumnal Throw!

A little bloggy break is all a girl needs.  To regroup, see the light and get a little perspective.  I can't say that I feel better though because I don't.  The No result for Scotland has gutted at least half the country and the feeling is one of disappointment and sadness at an opportunity lost.  But.  One thing I'm awful at is doing nothing about a situation, so I've been pro-active, I've taken action, and I feel inspired that, along with the many new people I've recently met, change will come.

I've joined the SNP!  Now the third biggest political party in the UK don't you know....

I've also joined the CND.  How could I not when I discovered that Trident missiles are only 22 miles from Glasgow and just one of their missiles (of which there are dozens) are four times more powerful than the bomb that hit Hiroshima.  Can't get my head round that one...

I've cancelled my TV Licence.  Never again will I watch or listen to the BBC news.  Their coverage of the referendum was so shamelessly biased and to say that I don't believe a word they say is putting it mildly.

I've been to the BBC Bias Protest.  It was the weekend before the vote and was amazing.  Thousands of us were there, not the few hundred that was reported...

And on Saturday we went to the Hope Over Fear Rally.  There's a feeling of disbelieve in the air here, not a sign or whiff of any of the 55% celebrating or having a party anywhere.  But less than a month after the result people in their thousands descended on George Square in Glasgow to protest against the appalling web of lies being spun by Westminster. 

My next trip?  To Fife to join a Fracking Protest.  I truly don't have words for how I feel about this one.  Wouldn't have happened if we'd got independence, but no point thinking of that now.  Protest I must!

Now I have to say, this post so far sounds quite cross and upset doesn't it?  Because it is I suppose...

But in amongst the sadness of the result I've been doing a little nesting and rearranging for Autumn. The darker nights and the colder temperatures make you want to wrap up a little warmer when you're sat watching Catch Up cos you don't have a tv licence anymore...!

 Indeed, because what's more important than your family?

 A cosy throw (which is flung over me knees as I blog!)

 And this chunky blanket is currently on the floor with the dog...  I'm so precious with my stuff!

 This was Robbie's mums picture and it always hung above her bed.  I love it.

 My next goal is to get Robbie to get this radio actually working...

 A landline phone that never rings unless it's to pick up specs or give to charity.  And a buddha with a belly desperate for a rub!

 All set for the Christmas tree - completely Autumned!

 My latest 25p cookbook bargain, am delighted, love Madhur Jaffrey!

 Robbie's reading list... and a little bit of red.

My much smaller reading list....!

Well, hopefully my next blog post wont be in a month and I'll not be tied to a railing or stuck up a tree....  But you never know!

Be back soon!

Wendy x


  1. Good for you, Wendy. I have always been politically active. I believe that Silence is the real enemy. So you Go Girl! Meanwhile, it's all about home and family. And yours is cozy and loved. I like Madhur Jaffrey, too. Yum!

  2. Your home looks lovely and cosy ... perfect for hibernating during the winter :0)
    As for the No Result for Scotland issue I don't feel qualified to comment as we have heard NOTHING over here about it and the disappointment of the Scottish people. All I can say is you need to do what you feel is right and action always feels better than inaction.

  3. Thanks for that lovely peek inside your home, Wendy, it looks very cosy, warm and inviting.
    I admire you for getting up out of your armchair and doing something about the things you believe in - good for you! xxx

  4. Well done Wendy on joining up and protesting about the things that are important to you! I would be protesting over missiles and fracking too! Your home and family are the very most important things, and your home is so lovely and inviting.

  5. What a lovely, cosy home you've created.
    Well done on joining up and fighting for what you believe in, the biggest enemy is complacency. If we're active we can have change. x